Momotaor Tsurugi is the main protagonist of the Shonen Jump manga and anime, Sakigake!! Otokojuku. He started at Otokojuku after being kicked out of Shoei High School and bonded with the juvenile 1st years. Tsurugi was known to have stood up to the cruel 2nd years of the school and the instructors. He also gained an ally from America named J. At the Gakuensai festival, the school was nearly hit by the Kanto Gogakuren army. Momotaro picked out J, Genji Togashi and Ryuji Toramaru to fight against the Gogakuren president, Omito Date and the San Menken at the Kyoura Daiyon Kyousatsu. He was rescued at the end of the competition along with his comrades secretly by the 3rd years of Otokojuku. The 3rd years then challenged Momotaro, his old allies and his new allies, the somehow rescued Date and the San Menken to the Dai Ishin Pa-Lien Seiha tournament. The 1st years won the tournament, but with a cost. Later, Momotaro and his group participate in the Tenchou Gorin Dai Bukai under instructions from Heihachi Edajima. He also survived the tournament.