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Mon-El is one of the main protagonists in the Supergirl 2015 TV series.


He appeared in season 2 of the series. He is the exiled prince of the Planet Daxam, which is similar to Krypton, but the Daxamites are spoiled and mean and can't be trusted. Mostly they are the enemy of Kryptonians. Mon-El was a rich playboy prince who didn't care about anyone but himself back then.

Coming to earth and being Earth hero was his chance of redemption. Working with the DEO and moonlighting as a bartender is his chance to redeem himself from everything that his family did. 

Mon-el was similar to Oliver Queen, both of them were spoiled arrogant playboys and womanizers.  But after a life and death situations he changed and saw the world differently.  Earth was a chance for him to be himself.  Mostly Kara and Mon-el were like Felicity and Oliver in the series. 

Powers and Abilities


Daxamite physiology: Normally, like all Daxamites, Mon-El's capabilities are no greater than a normal human of his physical conditioning. However, once charged by the energy of a yellow sun and metabolized into his body, he becomes able to perform various inhuman feats. While generic for his race (as well as for Kryptonians) it is unknown if Mon-El will developed other powers as well.

  • Solar Energy Ebsorption: While Mon-El's powers are dependent on the energy spectrum from a yellow sun, his body is able to constantly and passively absorb such energy while exposed to it, essentially keeping his reserves fully charged near-constantly. Direct exposure to sunlight will also accelerate his recovery from any injuries he does manage to sustain.
    • Superhuman Strenght: Mon-El's strength is enhanced under a yellow sun, enough to easily kill a normal human if he were to attack them directly. his strength is still not as high as Kara's but after being in the 31th century for 7 years, Mon-El's strength has increased to the point; that he was able to easily overpower Kara.
      • Superhuman Jumping/Leaping: Mon-El is able to jump several feet off the ground and leap several stories in a single bound without having to fly.
    • Superhuman Speed: Mon-El possesses the ability to move at incredible speeds, far greater than that of any normal human. He was able to run through the halls of the D.E.O. in a split second, seen as a blur to the naked eye.
    • Superhuman Durability: Mon-El is essentially invulnerable to all Earthly weapons, with needles unable to penetrate his skin.
    • Accelerated Healing Factor: Mon-El's solar charged metabolism accelerates his healing and allows him to burn calories at a fast rate, making him resilient to weight gain. Upon being shot by a bullet made of lead which penetrated the skin of his arm, when the piece was removed he healed instantly.
      • Electrosynthesis: Mon-El's cells harness and absorbed the electrical energy surrounding him, manipulating it to regenerate himself at a cellular level and manifest his own energy source when he was comatose.
      • Contaminant Immunity: Mon-El has an immunity to all forms of disease and contaminants on Earth. He also has proving himself to have a particularly high tolerance to alcohol, even those of alien origins.
      • Kryptonite Immunity: Despite having a similar physiology to Kryptonians, Mon-El is immune to the radiation effects of Kryptonite; such as Green Kryptonite, Red Kryptonite and Silver Kryptonite respectively.
      • Lead Immunity: After taking a cure when he traveled to the 31st century, Mon-El is no longer vulnerable to lead and can easily withstand Earth's lead-contaminated atmosphere, but is still successptible to lead weapons.
      • Extended longevity: Like Kryptonians, Mon-El's lifespan is considerably longer than a normal human and likewise ages much slower. After being in the 31th century for 7 years, he looks exactly the same, when he first arrived on Earth in the 20th century.
    • Powers via Legion Ring: Each member of the Legion is granted a special ring that serves as a form of identification, along with granting each member several other capabilities.
      • Flight: The ring that Brainy invented for the legion has been seen to enable Mon-El the ability to fly through unspecific means. It seems to be activated through a telepathic suggestion, as no thoughts or movements were taken to activate it. It appears that it allows Mon-El to fly in a more hover-like stance rather than the typical vertical form of flying found in Martian Manhunter or Supergirl.
      • Telepathy immunity: The ring that Brainy invented for the legion has been seen to give Mon-El the ability to resist telepathic abilities such as when M'yrnn J'onzz loses control in the D.E.O. and cause everyone to display violence towards each other.


  • Genius-level intellect/Expert tactician/Leader: Mon-El has a very high intelligence due to growing up in an advanced civilization.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: As the last surviving member of the royal family of Daxam, Mon-El is a capable hand-to-hand combatant, after arriving on Earth, he began training with Kara, which further improved his combat skills. After returning from the future, Mon-El has displayed tremendously improved combat skills, utilizing his reflexes and strength with extreme focus and technique, even learning how to fight with a cape; allowing him to easily overpower Kara. He would later teach her how to fight with one.
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