She's really something! You sure know how to pick 'em Maxie!
~ Goofy, talking to Max about Mona.

Mona is a character from Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas. She is voiced by Kellie Martin.

Mona is a very minor character in the Mickey and Friends franchise. She appears in Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, taking the place of Roxanne as Max Goof's love interest. She also appears in the comic book adaptation of the movie.

Mona is first seen walking with Max from college and seeing him talking to his father, Goofy, on the phone.

Afterwards, she is seen on the train and then walks off to Goofy and Max's house. And after that happens, Goofy seems to accidentally keep embarrassing Max by showing Mona Max's naked baby pictures. Mona is last seen making popcorn with Goofy and Max, which turns the house into a "more snowy" house, showing her buckteeth equivalent to Goofy and Max's, and making snow angels with them.


  • Mona almost looks like Roxanne, Max's love interest in A Goofy Movie, but has blue eyes and short brunette hair, unlike the redhead Roxanne, and also lacks Roxanne's signature beauty mark. Mona's voice actress, Kellie Martin, even voiced Roxanne in A Goofy Movie. Why they switched Roxanne out for Mona remains unknown, though it might be because in these early days of CGI, animating a character with short hair (such as Mona) was easier than animating one with long hair (such as Roxanne).


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