Mona was Skips' girlfriend in the past. She first appeared in Skips' flashback in the episode "Diary", "Exit 9B" and in "Skips' Story". Back then, she and Skips used to skip together all the time, but in high school, he had lost her due to Mona sacrificing herself to save Skips. Since then, Skips has vowed to skip for the rest of his life so he can always remember the good times he had with her.

Appearance and Personality

She has light blonde, curly hair and wears red lipstick. Her dress is a faded pink color and she wears a hat with a bouquet on it. She has clothes popular in the late 1800s, or early 1900s.

Mona had a laid back, easygoing personality that encouraged Skips (then known as Walks) to become a better person, that doesn't fight people, and not to be a bully.



  • Mona's playful suggestion of calling Walks Skips after skipping with him around the school three times resulted in Walks changing his name to Skips a few years after her death when he was given his immortality.
  • Following her death, Skips vowed to skip for the rest of his life in her memory, meaning he never walks (Over the Top being a notable exception).


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