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You truly are a noble creature. (Raph: My name's, Uh, Raphael.) I am called Y'Gythgba. (Raph: You are called [Stammering.] I got an idea. Back on Earth, there's this painting of, like, the most beautiful woman in art and stuff? Um, so how about if I call you Mona Lisa?) As you please, Raphael Someday our noses will meet in the flesh.
~ Y'gythgba to Raphael.
Bishop: The Salamandrians' complete incompetence led Dregg to Earth. His Maligna ship can spawn countless Vreen Robugs. All because of your collective stupidity.
Raph: I never really liked you, Bishop. So if you talk to my woman like that again, I'm gonna kick your...
Mona Lisa: I can take care of myself, Raphael. Thank you. If you dare talk to me like that again, I will chew up your Utrom brain and spit it out.
~ Mona Lisa warns Bishop not to disrespect her.

Lieutenant Y'Gythgba, also known as Mona Lisa, is a highly skilled Salamandrian warrior. She is Raphael's girlfriend and an ally of the Turtles.

She is voiced by Zelda Williams who also voices Kuvira.


Mona Lisa is a benevolent and noble being who is very dedicated to honor. A trait that she shares with her commander, G'Throkka. She has the heart of a warrior and is not afraid to charge head-first into a fight. As a result of this, she takes no pity or mercy on those who dishonor or attack them. Much like Raphael, Y'Gythgba is aggressive, strong-headed, and stubborn at times, but also caring, emotional, and protective of her loved ones. However, her flaws (such as her temper and stubbornness) sometimes lead to her jumping to conclusions and causing unnecessary fights. Likewise, her trust is not something easily gained. She was cynical towards the turtles after their initial fight and even rejected Raphael's offer to work as a team, but she became a loyal ally once Raphael proved to her that was not her enemy.



Not much is currently known about Y'Gythgba's history prior to meeting the turtles aside from the fact that she is a highly trained lieutenant of the Salamandrian air fleet. She travels with her mentor and partner, Commander G'Throkka, who assists her in their many conflicts against their race's arch-enemies, the Triceratons.


Mona is introduced as Lt. Y'Gythgba, a high-ranking Salamandrian (an alien race of humanoid newts and salamanders) who got stranded on the icy moon of Thalos 3 alongside her commanding officer Commander G'Throkka after a haphazard encounter with the Turtles and Professor Honeycutt. She was openly hostile to the Turtles, especially to Raphael, but the two began to warm to each other after discovering their mutual love of battle. Unable to pronounce her true Salamandrian name, Raphael instead nicknames her after the painting of the most beautiful woman on Earth. The two shared a kiss before the Salamandrians and Turtles went their separate ways in peace. After a number of encounters in space, Mona returns to Earth to enlist the help of the Turtles to combat Newtralizer and his new ally, Lord Dregg. After the latter's defeat, she requests to her commander to be stationed on Earth to protect the planet and be closer to Raphael. Raphael suggests she joins the Mighty Mutanimals in her spare time.


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