The Mongrel is a major character in the 2018 Netflix original film Benji. She is a stray dog who was territorial from the start, but eventually became friends with Benji when she helped him on his quest to rescue Carter and Frankie from the robbers who kidnapped them.

She was portrayed by herself.


After Benji steals a hot dog, he enters an alley, where he encounters the Mongrel. The Mongrel emerges from the crumpled newspapers and scares Benji away before eating the hot dog. After Whitney refuses to keep Benji, he comes across the sleeping Mongrel and observes her leash as he continues to wander throughout the streets before encountering the robbers kidnapping Carter and Frankie.

After Benji unsuccessfully tried to get the authorities to find the kidnappers, he eventually comes up with a plan to get the Mongrel to help him rescue the children with her keen sense of smell. Benji steals another hot dog and comes across the Mongrel. He barks at the Mongrel and she chases him to the abandoned house where the kids are being held. She eats the hot dog and Benji holds onto her leash. He tells her about the children and she agrees to help him. Benji shows her the blanket and she sniffs the scent leading to a basement. They open the door and enter the basement, where they discover a transport tunnel. They enter the tunnel and Mongrel catches the scent of the trail as they exit the tunnels.

They arrive at the boatyard, where the kids are being held. They come across Rott guarding the children and Benji lures him away. Benji leads Rott into a pond and Rott swims out. The Mongrel towers over Rott as she orders him to lay down and he does so. She puts her paw over him and Benji heads out to rescue the children. Benji hears the kids calling for help and heads to the boat with Whitney following him. Syd attempts to escape, but Mongrel and Rott corner him, giving Lyle the opportunity to arrest him. Benji defeats Titus and he is arrested as well. Lyle then meets the Mongrel and calls her a good boy until she reveals her gender.

She was presumably adopted and she is last seen hanging out and playing with Benji as she falls in love with him.


  • She is partially inspired by Tiffany.


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