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Mom, it's Auntie Carol. I knew it, everybody said you were dead but we knew they were lying.
~ Monica Rambeau to Carol Danvers.
Tyler Hayward: World's not the same as you left it. Space is now full of unexpected threats.
Monica Rambeau: Always was full of threats. And allies.
~ Monica to Tyler Hayward on space.

Captain Monica Rambeau is a major character in the Marvel CInematic Universe, serving as a supporting character of Captain Marvel , the deuteragonist of WandaVision, and will appear as a main character in The Marvels. Monica is the daughter of Maria Rambeau who befriended Carol Danvers, a friend of her mother. After her mother founded S.W.O.R.D., Monica became an agent of the agency and was one of the many who were erased from existence during the decimation.

Upon being snapped back into existence Monica found her mother had died during the 5 years of her absence and then became involved in the Westview Hex incident, during which she gained supernatural powers as a result of repeated exposure to the Hex.

She is portrayed by Teyonah Parris as an adult in WandaVision, Akira Akbar as a pre-teen, and Azai Akbar as a five-year-old in Captain Marvel.


Early Life and Past

Before the events of Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau was given birth to U.S. Air Force Captain Maria Rambeau and an unknown father.

She came to consider Carol Danvers, her mother's friend, as her own family since Danvers didn't ever get along with her parents and spent a lot of time with the Rambeau's. Monica and Danvers were very close, to the point that Monica called Danvers "Auntie Carol," while Danvers nicknamed her "Lieutenant Trouble." Danvers would stargaze with Monica at night in her backyard, telling her stories of the constellations. Over time, Monica collected various objects of Danvers' life, including photographs of different moments in Danvers' past.

However, Monica was very saddened when she learned that Danvers had disappeared in a mysterious plane crash. Although, she refused to believe that Danvers had died and remained convinced for years that her friend had somehow survived the crash and would return soon. Monica preciously kept all the memorabilia of Danvers' life (including her leather jacket, although she was forbidden to wear it after spilling ketchup on it).

Captain Marvel (2019)

In 1995, while hanging-out in a plane which is owned by Maria Rambeau, Monica saw a woman approaching and immediately identified her as Carol Danvers. Overjoyed to see that her friend had indeed survived the crash, Monica rushed to Danvers, only to figure out that Danvers did not recognize her. Monica was even more surprised when Danvers told her and Maria her story involving extraterrestrials shapeshifter's, but she was amazed when Danvers demonstrated her powers by boiling water by mere contact with a kettle.

In an attempt to bring back Carol Danvers' memories, Monica, helped by Nick Fury, went into her bedroom to pick up all the objects connected to Danvers she had kept. She then detailed several of them to Danvers, hoping that something would match with the Danvers' mind. Having forgotten the leather jacket, she briefly left to get it, and on her way back was approached by her mother. Monica then returned into the house, only to find her mother already there with Talos, as Mocahad actually encountered Norex, disguised as her mother.

Monica, was ordered by her mother to wait outside when Danvers, Maria, Fury and Talos listened to the black-box recordings of Danvers' plane crash. Later, as Danvers planned on getting into space and asked Maria to be her copilot, Monica insisted that her mother should go, arguing that working with dangerous technology was what Maria used to do. Monica jokingly concluded on the example Maria would give to her daughter, which convinced Maria to join in the mission, much to Danvers' delight.

As they prepared for the mission, during which Monica would remain with her grandparents, Monica was approached by Danvers, who praised her determination and asked her to choose the new colors of her Starforce Uniform. In the end, the colors were based on the United States Air Force T-shirt Monica was wearing, giving the uniform the red, blue and yellow colors Danvers would later permanently use.

Monica was reunited with her mother Maria and Carol Danvers as they successfully returned from their mission against the Kree Star-force. During the following dinner, Monica played UNO with Talos' daughter, and then suggested that the Skrulls could remain with them.

However, she was told that it would not be safe for them, and that Danvers would try to find a new home for them. Monica then claimed that she could meet with Danvers in space, and when Nick Fury remarked that she would have to gain super powers, she quickly retorted that she might be able to build a spaceship some day. Upon Danvers' departure, Monica shared a loving farewell hug with her friend before watching her taking off in complete amazement.

Many years after Carol Danvers accompanied the Skrulls their search for a new home-world, Monica continued her life on Earth, while her mother, Maria Rambeau, founded S.W.O.R.D.. Monica grew up to become a S.W.O.R.D. Agent, working directly under her mother. Eventually, Maria was diagnosed with cancer. In 2018, Monica accompanied her mother to the hospital, where she underwent surgery. On the day her mother was scheduled to be released, Monica sat by her mother's hospital bed and fell asleep, thinking back on the memories with her from 1995. Monica then died in her sleep as the Snap occurred, unaware of what had transpired.

Five-years-later, in 2023, Monica was resurrected in the Blip, and woke up believing she had been falling asleep for twenty-minutes. However, she was taken back when she saw that her mother was not in her bed. Monica left the hospital room to find other civilians being resurrected, and the hospital's capacity doubling. Monica frantically rushed to find a nurse for her mother's whereabouts, but all the staff were overwhelmed by the return of the Snap victims.

Eventually, Monica found Doctor Harley, who survived the Snap and was still working at the hospital. When asked about her mother, Dr. Harley explained to Monica that her mother, Maria had passed away in 2020 from cancer complications after it came back, two years after Monica died in the Snap. Initially confused, Monica had little time to grasp and comprehend this information, as she realized that she herself had been dead for five years.

After being grounded at S.W.O.R.D., Monica was sent on a mission finding missing persons case by Tyler Hayward. When after arriving at Westview, she met FBI agent Jimmy Woo, who approached her and explained the situation. He exclaimed to Monica that according to the cops, the place never existed. Monica walked up to the two cops sitting nest to a Welcome to Westview sign. When asking the cops about Westview, the cops exclaimed that it never existed and that they were from Eastview. Monica and Jimmy walked over to the energy field to check out, then Monica touched the field and was sucked into a strange reality.


Within the Westview anomaly, Monica's existence was reconfigured as "Geraldine," a local inhabitant of the town. As the WandaVision show entered the 1960s (coinciding with the real-life regular introduction of African-American people on U.S. TV programs), Geraldine began playing a supporting role as a friendly neighbor, attending a women's meeting with Wanda, Dottie (actually Sarah), Beverly (actually Isabel Matsueda) and others. For purposes of the Westview Talent Show where Vision and Wanda would make an illusionist show that was nearly ruined by Vision's visible inebration due to having swallowed a piece of gum, Geraldine was brought in by Wanda at the last moment to be the person who appeared in Vision's closet trick.

Once the show switched to the 1970s and colorized television, Geraldine's hairstyle became an afro. She visited Wanda and was present when Wanda delivered her twins, Tommy and Billy. However, when Wanda mentioned that she herself was a twin and mentioned her brother Pietro, Geraldine mentioned Pietro's demise at the hands of Ultron, which angered Wanda and prompted her to expel Geraldine from her reality.

Free from Wanda's influence, Monica alerted Darcy Lewis, Jimmy Woo and Tyler Hayward about Wanda having created the Hex and manipulating everything in it. Monica, Darcy and Jimmy realized that Wanda was rewriting reality within the Hex (as Darcy referred to the anomaly), when Monica fired bullets at her 70s attire and realized the clothes were entirely made of Kevlar, reflecting the bulletproof vest she had been wearing before being sucked in.

At a subsequent meeting in which Hayward accused Wanda of having stolen Vision's body from S.W.O.R.D. headquarters, Monica was skeptical and defended Wanda. The four agreed to send in something that could not be changed with the time period, which turned out to be an old Stark Industries-made drone. However, when Monica attempted to talk to Wanda through it, Hayward revealed that the drone was armed with a missile, took control of the drone from Monica's hands and fired at Wanda. The WandaVision signal was cut off, and an alarm sounded, indicating that someone had broken through the walls of the Hex. It was an angry Wanda herself, bearing the drone; she threw it at Hayward and ordered him to keep away. Monica attempted to reason with Wanda, but Wanda would hear none of it.

The Marvels


Powers and Abilities


  • Artificially Enhanced Physiology: Having gone through the Hex created by Wanda Maximoff, Monica's DNA were altered after going through the anomoly after she went through the barrier twice. When she went through the Hex a third time, it enhanced her already altered cells, granting her superhuman abilities.
    • Spectral Vision: One of the first Abilities Monica ever displayed, she can see the electromagnetic spectrum beyond those of a normal human. She could even see the dark energy within Agatha Harkness' basement. Whenever she activates this ability, her eyes will usually glow blue.
    • Energy Absorption: Rambeau demonstrated this ability when Wanda lifted her into the air and dropped her, only for Monica to absorb the energy from the impact of the fall.


  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combat: When she, Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis were infiltrating the S.W.O.R.D. compound, she took down multiple agents rather well.



  • Unnamed Grandfather
  • Unnamed Grandmother
  • Maria Rambeau † - Mother




  • She shares similarities to Katherine "Kit" Renner, a fan of Captain Marvel who was referred to as "Lieutenant Trouble" in the comics, making her MCU character an amalgam.


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