Monroe is an important character in the tv show Grimm. He is a real close friend ofNick Burkhardt and is a Blutbad. A blutbad is a creature very similar to that of a werewolf. However unlike a werewolf, a blutbad only is seen transformed when in a certain emotional state such as angry or sad, however they do have werewolf powers. Blutbaden (plural for Blutbad) are the traditional enemies (or at least one of the main ones) of Grimms (Nick's race, superhuman warriors), this led to problems when they first met, however the two soon made up, and became close friends. Monroe assits Nick in his Grimm duties, helping keeping people safe, from the hidden dangers around them. He has helped Nick in many cases and is now a close friend with Nick's partner Hank Griffin.

Monroe morphed into his Blookbod form


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