Mooch (Alpha and Omega)

Mooch is one of supporting of the Alpha and Omega franchise.

Heis puphood friend of Humphrey, Salty, and Shakey, and one of Omega Wolves.

He is voiced by Eric Price in the first film and Chris Smith in the sequels.


He is fat hazel and golden wolf and have yellow eyes.


Like the rest of his friends, Mooch likes to have fun. It may be that he likes to eat; considering his size. Mooch is silly and not serious, much like most Omegas. He's the average 'fat' wolf in the group. Always thinking with his stomach rather than his head. He can also be quite wise at times. His points are nearly a contrast to his belly-thinking. And he's just as fun-loving as any other Omega.


  • He share his first voice actor with Paddy.
  • He share same second voice actor with Marcel, Paddy, Shakey for sequels.



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