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Lunella Lafayette, also known by her nickname "Moon Girl" is a brilliant little girl living on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. She debuted in Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur. Lunella's fellow students at Public School 20 Anna Silver frequently mocked her and called her names like "Moon Girl," because her superior intellect often caused her to daydream and invent strange gadgets.

She replaced the character Moon-Boy following his death, and has made it her goal to resurrect him by saving his life just moments before he perished.


Luna noticed on a very early age that she was smarter then most people. While her parents tried to help her find changlenges for her intellect, she was soon borred in her school-class, but managed to make some friends while there.

It was then that Luna noticed a strange connection between her and a giant red Dinosaur named Devil Dinosaur that appeared suddenly.

Powers and Abilities

Lunella Lafayette's primary gift is her advanced intelligence. She is dubbed the "smartest person in the whole world" by Amadeus Cho, implying that she is more intelligent than other geniuses in the Marvel Universe such as Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Victor Von Doom, and Cho himself. She uses her intelligence to build a wide variety of gadgets that she uses in battle. Her "battle armor" consists of boxing headgear, goggles, suspenders, a computerized utility belt, backpack, some minor weapons (notably her spring powered boxing glove), and a special pair of roller-skates.

As a result of her Inhuman heritage, Lunella possesses the ability to switch consciousness with Devil Dinosaur whenever she is angry or extremely hungry. Due to her intelligence, she is also capable of speech while in the body of the dinosaur. However, her regular body takes on a feral like personality due to Devil Dinosaur having taken over. She also possesses some manner of enhanced strength, but according to Captain Kree it is radically insignificant compared to her other abilities. She noticed that it tends to happen on the night of the full moon.



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