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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Moon Knight from the Marvel Cinematic film series. The mainstream version can be found here: Moon Knight (Marvel).

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I can't tell the difference between my waking life and dreams.
~ Steven Grant.
I serve Khonshu. I'm his Avatar. Which means you are, too. Sort of. We protect the vulnerable and deliver Khonshu's justice to those who hurt them.
~ Marc Spector to his other personality, Steven Grant.
Today is your turn to lose.
~ Jake Lockely to Arthur Harrow.

Marc Spector is the titular main protagonist of the 2022 Disney+ series Moon Knight. He is a former CIA agent and mercenary that suffers from dissociative identity disorder, leading him to develop multiple personalities, two of which have their own occupation. After meeting with the Egyptian God, Khonshu, he became the ruthless vigilante known as the Moon Knight.

His alternate personality, Steven Grant, is a British citizen that works in a gift shop at the National Art Gallery. He later assumes the persona Mr. Knight when he is forced to summon the suit, while still having control over Marc's body when forced to fight another Jackal.

As Jake Lockley, he is a thuggish cab driver willing to kill people without hesitation. As Marc and Steven remain unaware of his existence, he is the reason they remain in service of Khonshu.

He is portrayed by Oscar Isaac (who voices Spider-Man 2099 in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse - Part One, and also played Poe Dameron in the Star Wars franchise), as David Jake Rodriguez played the character as a teenager and Carlos Sanchez played the character as a child.


Early Life

Marc Spector was born on March 9th, 1987 in Illinois to Elias and Wendy Spector, and was the older brother to Randall Spector. In his childhood, Marc and his brother watched the adventure film Tomb Buster where the main character was named Dr. Steven Grant, and Spector would often imagine himself as the character as Randall acted as his sidekick Rosser. One day, Marc asked his mother if he and his brother could play in a nearby cave, and she agreed, but asked him to watch Randall. While traveling there, it proceeded to rain, and despite Randall's concerns, Marc convinced him to continue onward. The cave was soon filled with water, and Marc failed to save Randall from drowning.

As a result, Marc was blamed for Randall's death by his mother, who proceeded to physically abuse while her mental state deteriorated over time. Spector soon developed dissociative identity disorder to deal with his trauma, and the second personality was named Steven Grant after the fictional character from Tomb Buster. To make sure Steven didn't have to deal with the trauma, Marc would take over so that his second personality could have a normal life. Despite the abuse, he was comforted by his father, who had become a victim of Wendy's abuse as well, and celebrated Marc's birthdays with him. When he reached his teenage years, Marc decided to leave his home despite his father's pleads, feeling nothing but anger at his mother.

At some point in his adulthood, Marc joined the United States Marine Corps, but suffered from his mental illness that he went AWOL after entering a dissociate state. He was then dishonorably discharged from the military, and left with little options, Spector became a mercenary for hire, and had ties with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Becoming Khonsu's Avatar

During his time as a mercenary, Spector became partners with Raul Bushman, and the two worked with archeologist Abdallah El-Faouly in Egypt. While at a dig site, Bushman betrayed them for money and killed Abdallah after Marc failed to save him. Spector was left critically injured after being shot by Raul, but was reborn by the Egyptian god Khonshu and became his avatar "Moon Knight". Despite his survival, Marc felt guilty in failing to save Abdallah, and decided to meet the archeologist's daughter Layla. The two later married and went on several adventures, and Spector revealed his servitude to Khonshu.

Spector was among the many who survived the decimation caused by Thanos, and in December of 2018, would retrieve a passport to London. Spector allowed his second personality to live a normal life as museum employee while taking control anytime Grant went to sleep. Steven started to notice that he would wake up in different places, and believed that he suffered from a sleeping disorder. Around this time, Spector deduced that Khonshu was ready to make Layla his new avatar, and decided to separate to protect her from the Egyptian god.

Before the events of the series, Spector received a phone call from his father that his mother had passed away, and asked his son to return to Chicago to attend her shiva. Initially denying the invitation, Marc decided to travel there, but refused to enter the building to mourn for her. Despite not wanting to give her the satisfaction due to her abuse, Marc grieved for his mother and his pain caused him to slip into his Grant persona. Afterward, Spector and Grant's lives started to overlap at this point, with both of them taking control without warning.

Moon Knight

In London, England, Steven Grant is a National Art Gallery employee who suffers from a sleeping disorder, which leaves him disheveled and suffering from social anxiety. After confiding in the street performer Bertrand Crowley, Grant returned to his apartment and tried to stay awake through the night by playing with a rubik's cube, reading on gods, and listening to the Staying Awake program. At some point he fell asleep, but soon woke in the middle of Austria with a broken jaw without knowing how he wound up there. He then started to hear a mysterious voice tell him to return his body back to "Marc", much to Grant's confusion. Discovering a scarab in his pocket, Grant was forced to run to a nearby village when he was shot at by armed guards.

In the village, Steven witnessed a man named Arthur Harrow judging those who were good or bad, and saw him drain the life force from a woman whom was deemed evil. Grant was then exposed when Harrow ordered his follows to kneel, and the latter demanded that the former give him the scarab. Though willing to hand it over, the mysterious voice refused to allow Steven to do so, but the guards managed to obtain it when the voice forced Grant to walk away. Steven proceeded to black out until he regained his senses, seeing that he had killed the guards and had obtained the scarab once again. He apologized before taking off in a cupcake truck, with the mysterious voice demanding that he doesn't lose the scarab. Grant was pursued by Harrow's men across the alps, and he would black out three times during the chase until he awoke in his apartment.

Grant initially believed it all to be a dream, but started to notice some oddities, such as his goldfish Gus having two fins, losing two days, and finding a phone in a secret stash. Seeing that a woman named "Layla" is calling the phone, Steven answers it, and the woman calls him "Marc", much to his confusion. Despite the oddities occurring, Grant decided to go to work, where he saw a strange creature stalking him and Harrow following him to work. Arthur would confront Grant, but decided to let him go after the staff of Ammit couldn't judge Steven as being good or evil. Later that night, Harrow returns to the art gallery and sends a Jackal to obtain the scarab from Steven.

Escaping to the bathroom, Steven's reflection in the mirror begins to speak to him, telling him to allow him to gain control to fight the creature. Grant at first was reluctant due to being scared, but allowed the man in the mirror to gain control, whom proceeded to ruthless kill the Jackal upon donning his ceremonial armor. Spector then left the gallery while he was caught on camera leaving, and returned his body back to Grant, whom awoke the next morning in a panic. Going to the gallery, Grant was fired due to the destruction, and spoke with Bertrand on his current situation. Wanting to learn more about Spector, Grant traveled to the Central London Storage and discovered a gym bag containing Ammit's scarab, revealing that his time in the Alps did happen.

Steven was confronted by Spector in his reflection, whom revealed that he was a mercenary and the avatar of the Egyptian god Khonshu. Grant refused to believe this and was confronted by Khonshu when leaving the storage with the scarab, and encountered Layla when exiting. She told Steven that he was married to her and came to London since he wanted the divorce papers, but it was cut short when he was arrested by the Metropolitan police. However, the officers were actually servants of Arthur Harrow, who greeted Steven and explained that he was Khonshu's previous avatar before he sided with Ammit. When Harrow demanded the scarab, Layla arrived and told Grant to summon the suit, much to his confusion. Arthur summoned a Jackal and sent it after the two, and Steven summoned a business suit under the name "Mr. Knight" when sent out a window.

Grant proceeded to fight the Jackal and landed several hits, but was knocked down and Spector told Steven to hand his body over to him since innocent people are in danger. Steven reluctantly agreed, and Spector was make the the Jackal follow him across the London rooftops and killed the creature by having it fall on a church steeple. After obtaining his dart from the disintegrated creature, Spector became frustrated when he realized that he didn't have the scarab, and briefly argued with Steven on protecting Layla from Khonshu. The Egyptian god arrived and threatened to have Layla be his new avatar if he failed to stop Harrow, and Spector promised that he wouldn't fail him. Marc then traveled to Cairo, Egypt, so that he could find Ammit's tomb before Harrow could.


As a result of his dissociative identity disorder, Marc has developed more than one identity, two of which have their own unique personality traits. Marc himself appears to be a calm-minded and rational being, as he is determined to get through dangerous situations without showing any signs of fear. He has also shown his willingness to be more lethal when necessary, as he has shown to kill supernatural creatures without hesitation.

Marc is not needlessly cruel, however, as he has also demonstrated shown restraint when he faced against a group of regular men and a teenage boy, seeking information on Arthur and the scarab. He was even surprised by the amount of blood on his hands when he regained his consciousness from witnessing the men being murdered, to the point that he believed Steven may have done it. Marc even refused to threaten the boy that was with the men, as he noted him to Khonshu that he was just a kid. Likewise, Marc was shocked and upset when the boy decided to kill himself.

Steven Grant appears to be the most reserved and naive among the identities, often acting meek and quiet around others. He also tends to be confused around his surroundings, not fully grasping the situations happening in front of him. Though he is somewhat anti-social in a way, he does very much care for the wellbeing of others and often acts very friendly with them. As such, he does not approve of Marc's murderous ways and violent nature, being horrified to learn that Marc was a former mercenary that has had blood on hands on more than one occasion.

When Steven learned to manifest the divine powers of Khonshu, he was perplexed but amazed at his appearance and later was very impressed by his newfound strength and abilities. He became a bit more confident in himself that he was willing to take on a jackal by himself and even taunted the monster when he managed to land a punch on it.

Unbeknownst to both Marc and Steven, however, there exists a third personality within them known as Jake Lockley, who is the most ruthless amongst the identities. Unlike Marc who resorts to more violent methods as a necessity, Jake appears to be more brutal without the need to do so. Likewise, when Marc discovered the men around him had been murdered, even he was surprised at the amount of blood that was stained on his body. Jake continues to demonstrate his brutality further when he takes Arthur out of the hospital, only to murder him in his cab. Unlike Marc and Steven, Jake appears to enjoy being in service of Khonshu, as it gives him the opportunity to get his hands dirty.

Powers and Abilities


  • Divine Empowerment: Following his encounter with Khonshu, Spector was empowered with superhuman capabilities as the Egyptian God's avatar.
    • Transformation: Spector can summon the ceremonial armor at will, which grants him further protection when fighting against opponents. The armor can be altered, as Grant was able to summon the armor into a business suit when falling out of a window.
      • Superhuman Strength: When transforming into Moon Knight, both Spector and Grant are gifted superhuman strength, which allowed them to fight against Jackals. Spector showcased his strength by pulling the Jackal into the bathroom, and was able to kill the creature with several blows.
      • Superhuman Durability: Moon Knight can withstand injuries from opponents, and his ceremonial armor's cloak cannot be penetrated by bullets.
      • Superhuman Speed: Moon Knight has immense speed, able to run swiftly across the rooftops when being pursued by a Jackal.
      • Superhuman Agility: Moon Knight can traverse across obstacles with ease.
      • Superhuman Stamina: Moon Knight showed great stamina, capable of traversing across London without being fatigue.
      • Superhuman Reflexes: To be added
      • Regenerative Healing Factor: He can heal from any injury or wound sustained, and can do so without summoning the ceremonial armor.
      • Power Augmentation: Khonshu could empower Spector with abilities, such as manipulating the sky.


  • Gifted Intellect: Moon Knight is highly intelligent, Spector being a master tactician and spy, as Grant showed brilliance in the fields of history and mythology.
  • Master Scientist: Spector's other personality is a master scientist, having extensive knowledge on Egyptian history and mythology. Grant has a great loved for the field, as he explained the National Art Gallery exhibit to a child, and later showed excitement when coming across Alexander the Great's tomb.
  • Master Martial Artist: Due to his time in the Marine Corps and the CIA, Spector is capable combatant and martial artist. He was able to eliminate several of Harrow's followers to re-obtain the scarab, and when transforming into Moon Knight, viciously killed a Jackal. He was also able to take on the Disciples of Ammit and Anton Mogart's men. He later displayed this during the Battle of Cairo.
  • Staff Mastery: Spector is skilled with staves, capable of wielding the Truncheon's in combat.
  • Knife Mastery: Spector was skilled in knife usage, such as using his crescent darts in combat.
  • Master Marksman: Due to his military experience, Spector is a capable marksman, able to hit targets with firearms and his crescent darts.
  • Master Assassin: As an mercenary, he is a master assassin, having killed targets all over the globe.
  • Master Tactician: Spector is highly tactical, capable of thinking of a solution to deal with the second Jackal by traversing the rooftops to get it away from civilians.
  • Master Acrobat: Spector is a master free-runner, being able to quickly traverse across the rooftops with ease.
  • Expert Thief: He is a expert thief, as he was able to steal the Scarab of Ammit while in the Alpes until the disciples discovered the theft.
  • Expert Investigator: To be added
  • Expert Interrogator: To be added
  • Expert Pilot: To be added
  • Multilingualism: Spector can speak his native language English, but can speak some French and understand some Mandarin, and Grant understands Egyptian hieroglyphs.



  • Crescent Darts: Moon Knight's preferred weapon, the crescent darts are concealable weapons that act similar to a shuriken. The darts can be used as long range or up close weapons, as Moon Knight was able to throw one at a Jackal on the rooftops of London.
  • Truncheon: Mr. Knight's preferred weapon, the Truncheon were short metal poles that manifested when Grant summoned his business suit.


Honestly, it's like my body wants to get up and wander about, you know, like it has to get the 10,000 steps in. You know? And I don't even know about it until I wake up wherever. That's why I try to stay awake at night. What do you think? Nah. You're right. I mean, I guess there are stranger things that people do, but... No? Well, I think it's a bit... I'm sorry.
~ Steven Grant to Bertrand Crowley.
You're not gonna die. Let me save us.
~ Marc Spector to Steven Grant on returning to his body to fight the Jackal.
Marc Spector: Oy, Steven, what the hell are we wearing?
Steven Grant: I don't know, she said I needed a suit.
Marc Spector: Yeah, the ceremonial armor from Khonshu's temple, not psycho Colonel Sanders.
~ Marc Spector and Steven Grant discussing the Mr. Knight persona.
~ Spector to the second Jackal.
Marc Spector: And my servitude is the price that I pay.
Steven Grant: What kind of servitude?
Marc Spector: The kind that leaves me covered in blood.
~ Marc Spector and Steven Grant.
You ruin people's lives. Everything you touch, you ruin. You hurt people, you abandoned your wife. You left her stranded.
~ Steven Grant to Marc.
Shut up!
~ Marc to Steven Grant at the end of their argument.
I'm really jazzed about showing you these new skills sets I have.
~ Steven to Layla.





  • Moon Knight is Oscar Isaac's third Marvel role after portraying Apocalypse from X-Men: Apocalypse, and voicing Spider-Man 2099 from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse - Part One.
  • Ross Marquand previously expressed interest in playing the character.
    • Marquand would go on to portray Red Skull and voicing Ultron in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Moon Knight is the third character to have dissociative identity disorder, the first being Mary Walker from Iron Fist and Green Goblin from Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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