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Once he was Arthur Douglas, a so-so jazz musician, as I recall. He ended up dying next to a burning car in the desert between Vegas and Reno. He was my father. I was with him that time, also. But death wasn't the end for dad, just the terrible beginning. There was this cosmic entity named Kronos who needed a champion to keep Thanos in line. He grabbed my dad's soul and used it to animate his hero. So pop became the lumbering behemoth known as Drax the Destroyer. I guess even back then part of me still loved the guy. Didn't stop me, though, from killing him a second time.
~ Moondragon.
Deep down, Korvac is afraid. If you are not...you can win.
~ Moondragon to Hellcat.

Moondragon (real name Heather Douglas) is a fictional character and superheroine from Marvel comics, appearing as one of the main characters of the Guardians of the Galaxy comics.

She is the daughter of the real estate agent Arthur Douglas, who was killed by Thanos and became Drax the Destroyer. After her parents deaths, Heather was taken to Titan by Mentor, where she studied discipline that allowed her to unlock her psionics and psychic abilities. Unlike most characters in the comics, Moondragon's abilities derive from her mental discipline and focus to accomplish any task. Though a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, she was also a member of the Avengers, the Defenders, and Infinity Watch.

She was created by Bill Everett, Mike Friedrich and George Tuska, and first appeared in Iron Man #54 in October of 1972.



Not much is known of Heather Douglas' past, but she is the daughter of real estate agent Arthur Douglas and Yvette Steckley, and was born in Los Angeles, California.

Becoming Moondragon

While driving through the desert, Thanos arrived and killed Arthur and Yvette, but Heather survived and was taken in by Thanos' father Mentor on the planet Titan, where she was raised by monks. Unbeknownst to the girl, her father became Drax the Destroyer when Mentor and Kronos wanted to create a being powerful enough to stop Thanos. On Titan, she studied their ways of discipline to unlock her psychic abilities, but was slowly being influenced by the Dragon of the Moon. Heather initially thought she resisted the entity, and she adopted the name "Moondragon". When Thanos destroyed the monks on Titan, Heather escaped to Earth and became determined to eliminate the mad titan.

On Earth, Heather took on the alias "Madam MacEvil" and focused on developing some way to fight against Thanos, but later joined the Avengers in fighting the mad titan. She became friends with the vigilante Hellcat, and convinced Walker to join her on Titan so she could be further trained. During this time, Moondragon was a candidate to be the "Celestial Madonna", but she lost it to the human mutate Mantis. At some point in time, Douglas returned to Earth to help the Avengers fight Korvac, but decided to stand back during the fight when she learned that he wanted to rule the universe to save it. Despite staying back during the conflict, Korvac was defeated and he committed suicide.

Later on, Heather encountered her father and decided to leave the Earth with him, and the two came across a planet that was currently in a bloody war. She used her psychic powers to take control over the inhabitants to make them live in peace, but this caused her to gain a massive ego to the point that she saw herself as a god. When Drax attempted to confront her, Heather killed him, which led to the Avengers arriving to stop her. Moondragon was stopped when Thor brought her to Odin, who decided to punish her by making her wear a headband that reduced her powers. Odin also had Valkyrie watch over Douglas, and when returning to Earth, Heather and Brunnhilde joined the newest team of the Defenders.

When the Dragon of the Moon returned, Heather realized that she was still being influenced by the entity, and rejected it fully to stop it. As a result, the headband removed on its own, but Heather later allowed the entity become its host when she was dying from mutated spores. The entity was eventually defeated during a battle against the Defenders, but Heather's body was destroyed during the fight. She managed to obtain a clone body by having her cousin Sundragon find it on Titan, and Moondragon briefly partnered with her. When she ended her adventures with her cousin, Moondragon accompanied Quasar in an attempt to make him realize they would be the perfect cosmic couple, but Vaugh dejected that her feelings have nothing to do with his qualifications.

After leaving Quasar, Moondragon joined the Infinity Watch and was gifted the Mind Gem by Adam Warlock, but the team disbanded when the gems ended up in the ultraverse. While helping Genis-Vell control his cosmic awareness, she began a romantic relationship with Rick Jones' wife Marlo Chandler. However, Marlo ended her relationship with Heather and returned to Jones, but Moondragon was left heartbroken. She then went on to start a relationship with Phyla-Vell, but it ended when Moondragon was killed by Ultron during the "Annihilation Wars" storyline. Heather's soul was sent to Oblivion, and she was later resurrected by Phyla, who had to become Death's avatar to save her beloved. Reborn in a second clone body from Titan, Douglas joined the Guardians of the Galaxy alongside Phyla, Drax, Star-Lord, Groot and Rocket Raccoon.



  • In MAD, she was voiced by Rachel Ramras, who also voiced Lola Bunny in Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run.

Video Games


  • She was a candidate to become the "Celestial Madonna".
  • She is considered a planetary threat by the Nova Corps.


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