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I am bound, but I will not break.
~ Morgana

Morgana, also known as The Fallen or The Veiled One, is a heroic playable champion in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends.

Born the child of celestial and mortal beings, Morgana bound her wings to get closer to the human world. From the shadows, she has used her powers through the ages to punish the corrupt and help the downtrodden, hoping they may one day rise in a better future for Demacia.

Released on February 21, 2009, Morgana is one of the 17 original champions featured in the game at launch, and later received a full visual and gameplay update on March 6, 2019. She is most commonly played as a support.

She is voiced by Erica Lindbeck, who also portrayed Zoe and Taliyah in the same game.


Before she was born, Morgana's parents were Targonian refugees who were forced to flee their home from the cataclysmic Rune Wars. To escape, they made a perilous journey to the peak of Mount Targon, where her mother Mihira was chosen by the celestials as the host of the Aspect of Justice. On the mountain, Morgana and her twin sister Kayle were born, and they returned home to Targon with the power of the Aspect on their side.

However, the journey had changed Mihira, and when the celestial's power began to overshadow her mortal self, Morgana's father, Kilam, became frightened and fled Targon once more with his two daughters, escaping to a settlement in western Valoran that would become the kingdom of Demacia.

As the two sisters grew up, they became more and more different, with Kayle becoming obsessed with laws and justice of the new land, and Morgana growing concerned with the Demacians' distrust of magic and outsiders. Things became more complicated when the two sisters realized that they too carried some remnant powers of the Aspect of Justice. The two had inherited feathered wings, celestial powers, and two halves of a starfire spellblade from their mother, which only further alienated their father.

Kayle embraced her gifts and used them to enforce laws and defend Demacia, and hoping to help save the lives of her father and civilians, Morgana fought by her side. The two were named Winged Protectors of Demacia, but inwardly Morgana resented her new powers, which she thought could make her lose her humanity. Morgana's worst fears were realized when she began to see changes in her sister, who as a mortal had been devoted to justice, but as a celestial grew so extreme that punishment for breaking the law became an obsession.

Sympathetic to the persecuted, Morgana resolved to protect those who sought to atone and redeem themselves instead of facing judgement. However, Morgana soon paid the ultimate price when she was discovered by Kayle's ardent disciple, Ronas, whom she had to kill in an act of self defense. Seeking retribution, Kayle dueled Morgana in the skies in an explosive battle, but before either could emerge victorious, the crumbling of city below left their father mortally wounded, and he died in Morgana's arms. Enraged, Morgana threw her sword into the sky and asked Kayle if their father deserved her judgement just like the other mortals, to which Kayle gave no reply, instead flying away to the heavens. Blaming her celestial powers, Morgana attempted to cut her wings off, but no blade was strong enough, so she instead bound them in chains to prevent herself from flying ever again. She resolved to walk among the mortals and faded into the shadows.

While the history of Demacia venerates Kayle as "The Winged Protector", the legends of Morgana remain more mysterious, recalled only by a select few who remember her as "The Veiled One". Still, Morgana remains in the kingdom's shadows ready to aid anyone who might seek her out, knowing that Kayle will one day return to enact judgement on all of Runeterra.




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