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I wish to be of use to you two.
~ Morgiana to Aladdin and Alibaba

Morgiana is the tritagonist and lead heroine in the anime/manga series, Magi. She is a pure-Blood Fanalis girl who was once a slave of Jamil, until she met Aladdin and Alibaba Saluja who freed her from slavery and enabled her to follow her own ugly path.

She is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Cristina Valenzuela in the English version of the anime.


Morgiana is a girl with shoulder-length fuchsia hair, tied in a lateral ponytail, and pink eyes, she wears a white sleeveless dress, with a coat of arms on the chest, she has two iron bracelets, she wears brown braces on her ankles, she is barefoot.

During her travel to the Dark Continent, Morgiana started wearing a white sleeveless tunic over her dress, tied with a longer ribbon. Her hair also grew longer, reaching down to her mid-back. She now wears her Household Vessel on her legs.


Morgiana is a quiet girl who barely talks.

She likes strange things, like instead of jewelry for her Household Vessel, she considered two devilish looking gauntlets (though possibly only because Alibaba recommended them). When mad, she usually puffs up her cheeks or stomps her feet on the ground (which breaks it).

Even though she is strong and tough, she does have moments when she acts like a girl. Such as when she smiled when Alibaba Saluja complimented her, and shown jealousy when Alibaba complimented another girl. Despite her stoic and disant nature, she is consistently described by others as a caring and kind girl who always stands by those who are less fortunate.

She is secretly very insecure about herself because she always deems herself to be useless compared to the others. Her biggest wish is to be useful to Aladdin and Alibaba. Due to being a slave for most of her life, Morgiana knows very little about following her own path; when Aladdin and Alibaba told her she should do whatever she feels like doing, she was highly surprised that someone told her to just do whatever she wanted without permission. She was happy but disturbed by Hakuryuu's feelings for her, but says that becoming Empress was impossible since she used to be a female slave, showing that she still has a complex over it.

Morgiana is also very inexperienced when it comes to romance. She even admits that she doesn't really understand how a romantic relationship is supposed to work, since while she was a slave she never even considered such things, which makes her feelings for Alibaba initially confusing to her. Her inexperience with romance makes her notably awkward when it comes to entering in a serious relationship. She freaks out to the point of tears when Hakuryuu suddenly proposes to her, and later tells Alibaba that she doesn't feel like she knows enough about love and relationships to become anyone's girlfriend, so he should give her some time. She is hinted to have feelings for Alibaba, proven when Hakuryuu realized that why she wouldn't go with him to the Kou Empire was mostly because of her feelings for Alibaba.


Most of Morgiana's past is still a mystery, except that she was born in the Dark Continent from an unnamed couple.

As a little girl, Morgiana was taken away from her parents, and was sold at a market as a slave, one of the things that happened to her while she was there was being shown off naked, during that time, she used to cry out for her parents to to save her.

At some point during the auction, Morgiana was eventually sold to Jamil, who abused her to the point of her being terrified of him, something that still haunts her. Like Aladdin pointed out, Morgiana had invisible chains on her, set by Jamil. She had something similar to Stockholm syndrome, where the captive starts to sympathize with the captor.


Dungeon Arc

Aladdin and Alibaba Saluja bump into Morgiana first when she is shopping in the markets of Qishan. After knocking over her fruits Aladdin notices that she has chains on her ankles. While trying to hide her chains she trips and Aladdin decides to break her chains, not knowing that it is a crime. Budel comes by and stirs up trouble with Aladdin and Alibaba. Aladdin gets frustrated and calls out Ugo's hands. She and Alibaba both look stunned. She immediately reports back to Jamil and when he finds out that Aladdin and Alibaba entered the dungeon he decides to pursue them and he brings Morgiana and Goltas with him.

In the cave Morgiana is able to locate Alibaba, using her sense of smell, in the dungeon while he is taking care of Aladdin and guards later on while Jamil and Goltas explore the tunnels. Aladdin however escapes using his magic carpet when Alibaba reveals himself. Morgiana immediately reports this to Jamil and they are able to find the Necropolis and its storage room. After kicking Aladdin into the distance she is offered to join Alibaba's side after he quickly defeats Jamil. She gives him her answer by throwing him into a pillar but hesitates when Jamil tells her to execute him.

Aladdin takes the opportunity to break the sword and quickly defeats her using his own magic. Once the dungeon begins to collapse Alibaba and Aladdin offer her the chance to escape. At first she tries to save Jamil but however Goltas tells her to leave them both and breaks her chains and she escapes from the dungeon. His last wish is for Morgiana to return to her homeland.

Morgiana Arc

After the Dungeon collapses Morgiana becomes separated from Alibaba and Aladdin. Now a free person, Morgiana decides that she wants to go back to her homeland, the "Dark Continent". She joins the caravan of Leila and Salsa and travels with them as a worker. However the caravan decides that they will not go to Balbadd, because between Delemmar and Balbadd there is a group of tough thieves. Morgiana decides to shut down the thieves, and in the middle of the night, attacks the base. She makes quick work of most of the thieves, however runs into trouble when Fatima's Desert Crow poisons her. She wakes up in specials chains built to hold "Fanalis" in an isolation cell with a little girl named Nadja. After 5 days, Nadja becomes feverish and Morgiana asks Fatima for help, however he decides to kill her instead, dropping Nadja into a cage full of Desert Hyenas and forcing Morgiana to watch. Morgiana becomes angry and leaps into the cage. She bangs the specials shackles against the cage to break them and intimidates the hyenas so that they don't attack. Fatima orders some Maurenian Sabretooth Tigers and Namideian Condors to attack her but Morgiana defeats them and takes the key away from Fatima to free the other captured slaves. She frees Nadja's parents and surprisingly Aladdin, whose caravan was also captured. The thieves try to lock the slaves away, however Aladdin summons Ugo and allows everyone to escape. After the battle, both caravans have a huge party, and Aladdin and Morgiana separate from their caravan's and travel together to Balbadd.

Balbadd Arc

As Aladdin and Morgiana is next seen walking when they come across a naked Sinbad. They instantly see him as an enemy but Sinbad assures them he isn't. They get to know Sinbad and as he tells of his view of an adventure Aladdin takes a liking to him. As they continue walking they arrive at Balbadd. They look around until they make their way to the Hotel Sinbad is staying at. He says he will pay for anything they want including food and board.

Later on they had their meal at Sinbad treat. Aladdin and Morgiana were then introduced to Jafar and Masrur and Morgiana noticed how Masrur was from the finalist Clan a fact that surprised her. During this it was revealed that Aladdin was a Magi. This surprised Sinbad and he mentioned knowing another Magi, referring to Judal. Sinbad because he knew who Aladdin was he thought it was best to reveal who he was. That he was the legendary Sinbad but Aladdin didn't seem to know anyway. Sinbad was surprised by this and a little upset. Because Sinbad didn't have any metal vessel due to them being stolen he asked for Aladdin's help to capture the fog troupe. Morgiana decided it best to help Sinbad to help look for Alibaba. Though Sinbad didn't want Morgiana's help because she was a girl, a worry quickly put to rest by Aladdin by noting how she had destroyed an entire thieves guild by herself previously.

Afterwards they decided to go over a battle strategy. Sinbad and Masrur went to one side of the bay to wait for an attack while Aladdin, Morgiana and Jafar went to other side. They didn't which side would be attacked. when night fell Sinbad's group was met with starving citizens who were trying to steal food from the rich, which upon seeing the condition they were in Sinbad allowed it. On the other hand Aladdin's group was met with an attacking Fog troupe. They attacked with Zaynab's magical weapon fog that makes one hallucinate. Though Aladdin was the only one out of the trio to be effected since it doesn't work on strong-willed people and Morgiana smelled its dangers and managed to escape. Aladdin had a hallucination of Alibaba. While in the fog the frog troupe was attacking. Hassan was helping attack by breaking in people's houses with his magical weapon. They were met with by Jafar and Morgiana's attack. Jafar and Morgiana was stopped by Kassim's black heavy fog attack. Once Jafar and Morgiana was successfully pinned down Aladdin woke up. He immediately woke up and summoned Ugo. He wouldn't allow the fog troupe to pass. At that moment Alibaba revealed himself as one of the masked members of the fog troupe. Alibaba asked Aladdin if he could stand down and allow his men to continue. Aladdin told Alibaba that he was happy to see him and that he had a lot to tell him. Aladdin said that they had a promise to travel together. Alibaba responded with a "sorry, I can't keep that promise". Much to the horror of Aladdin.

Morgiana decides to get Alibaba and Aladdin to talk so she goes to Alibaba to get him to talk. When negotiations fail she forcefully grabs Alibaba and takes him to Aladdin. Once Alibaba arrives at Aladdin's room though first it is awkward they eventually open up and tell each other everything. Aladdin told them of his adventures in the Kouga Village and Alibaba told them of his past along with why he decided to break their promise. By the end of it all Aladdin told Alibaba that he wanted to help him and that they should figure something out together. Kassim than breaks down the door to get Alibaba back. The Fog Troupe starts to attack the hotel they were staying at and so Sinbad, Masrur and Jafar begin to fight them. Morgiana tries to attack Kassim but is saved by Alibaba. Part way through they realize that Sinbad is there and try to capture him but fails due to Sinbad's Magoi Control. Sinbad turns his attention to Alibaba and after Sinbad insults the fog troupe Alibaba gets offended and begins to fight him. Though it looked like Alibaba had the upper hand he was quickly defeated.

Once the fog troupe's leader was defeated, Kassim chose to run. Sinbad said that he just wanted to see how many people were truly dedicated to the group and that he really wanted to help them. After Sinbad agrees to help he takes Alibaba to see Ahbmad Saluja and Sahbmad Saluja to discuss things over. While their not only did Alibaba not get a chance to talk things out with the king but he was even completely ignored. Judal made his appearance while they were talking. Judal passed by Aladdin who noted that Judal was like a black sun. Judal interrupted the conversation Alibaba was trying to make and started his own thing. Later on when Alibaba was feeling distraught because of his meeting with the king Sinbad encouraged him saying that they came from just a thieves guild to a actual movement who met with the king. Judal made another appearance and start talking to Sinbad until he noticed something was weird about the Rukh around Aladdin. When Sinbad told him its because Aladdin was a magi, Judal felt it hard to believe. So he decided to test him attacking him with a punch. After Judal found out who Aladdin was, he decided to fight Aladdin.

Morgiana sits and watches as the fight goes on. After the battle, Aladdin is unconscious and Alibaba is feeling down, she overhears Sinbad bad mouthing Alibaba and gets upset and tells him off. Later on, she goes to talk to Alibaba and afterwards feels something is off. She realizes that he had the same tone of voice when he left Qishan and goes off to help him in at Balbadd's Palace. She gets their quickly, defeating a monster and telling Alibaba that this battleground isn't what he came here to for. After a fierce battle, she eventually finishes off all the monsters. She waits on Alibaba to get done. As the fog troupe attacks the palace she is seen fighting their members. When Kassim transforms into Dark Djinn she attacks him to save the people of the palace while allowing Alibaba the chance to deal the final on Kassim. Once Judal appeared and Alibaba was almost killed she saved him from falling ice attacks then per his request threw him at Kassim and Judal. Even though this failed he asked her to do it again and though she didn't want to she did it again and again but to no avail. This was halted however when Aladdin arrived.

Sindria Arc

Morgiana is training with Masrur, 6 months after the events in Balbadd. They sense Sinbad's return to Sindria and decide to go and greet him. Morgiana goes to Sinbad and asks him how to become stronger. He tells her to use a Household Vessel. Even though he shows her a room with a lot of metals to use, she decides to use her broken shackles because of the history they have.

At the Mahrajan festival, Morgiana is dressed in the female attire, which consists of exotic outfits and a mask. She is standing next to Alibaba and Alibaba asks where she is. She tells him where she was and he says that she is so beautiful that he thought she was someone else. Morgiana turns away and blushes. When Alibaba compliments another girl she is notably upset over this.

Morgiana gets her Metal Vessel back and tries it out. She puts it pon her feet and tries to kick, but she ensnares Alibaba and Aladdin. After training for awhile she is asked by sinbad to capture the Dungeon Zagan (Dungeon) along with the rest of her group.

Zagan Arc

After entering Zagan she saves Alibaba as she was the first to wake up.

Second Sindria Arc

Morgiana is unconscious when Alibaba and Sinbad got cursed during Dungeon Conquerors' Feast. She is first seen silently watching Alibaba as he gives coronet for Kougyoku. She then rapidly turns back and thinks she must become stronger. Hakuryuu is unable to keep his spear in his hand, and she hears it falling down. She goes to him worried and eventually gets thanks for it. She then sees him accidentally performing Life Magic, which surprised both of them. Next, she is present, along with Alibaba, when Hakuryuu announces he's going to depart from Sindria. She asks him if he's going to go back to the Kou Empire, but he explains he's wants to join his sister before. When asked what Alibaba and Morgiana are going to do, Alibaba says with smile that they're going to stay there a little longer and asks Morgiana if he's right, but she can't answer. She doesn't say a word when Hakuryuu tells Alibaba what he though of him.

Later that day, Morgiana chats in a bed with Alibaba and Aladdin. Aladdin decides to tell them that he will go on a journey alone, and she seems surprised. When Alibaba asks her if they're going with him, she hesitates but answers positively in the end. She seems rather surprised by Alibaba's strong opposition of his friend going alone and by Aladdin's valid argument involving how little people they could save in Balbadd with their current strength. She follows with Aladdin's logic, although she probably wasn't able to fully understand this sudden situation, but remembers Sinbad saying that they should think alone what they want to do.

The next day, she trains with Masrur in martial arts, because the toll her Household Vessel takes on her is too great. She is thoughtful about Alibaba's morning behaviour, but doesn't fully agree with him. She asks Masrur what kind of place the Dark Continent is. She listens to his story with blush on her face but her mood changes as she hears that there aren't any Fanalis there. She is disappointed but Masrur advices her to go there at least once instead of regretting it later. She then remembers her friends encouraging her to do it one way or another. After Dunya Musta'sim's funeral, she talks with Hakuryuu. She listens as he says thay he could end up like her if borrowed Al-Sarmen's power. He asks her if she heard of Kou Empire and Al-Sarmen and she replies she indeed knows about them. Hakuryuu explains this matter further. She can't believe when Hakuryuu tells her that his family was murdered by them. After hearing the whole story, she asks why he said her such things, and he answers it's way of thanking her for her help in Dungeon Zagan, even though he wasn't completely honest with her.

To change a topic of this strange discussion, as he names it, he asks her about her country and family. She doesn't reply immediately, but soon lightly smiles and answers that she doesn't have a family. She explains that it seems like all Fanalis were made into slaves, but Hakuryuu can't believe it. She tells him that even though such things never reached countries like Kou, Fanalis are that kind of race now. She then says she was slave herself as well not even year before. Morgiana says she envies Hakuryuu, because she almost doesn't remember her family and hopes he will take care of his sister. After shocking him, she bows and apologizes for talking about something like this, because she didn't have anything to speak of in return and looks very run-down, not smiling anymore. However, Hakuryuu doesn't take this apology but instead raises her spirits by saying that she might have siblings too, and even if she can't remember her parents, they still exists and might be alive somewhere or even freed like she was. Morgiana then smiles brightly, tearing up a little, and thanks him.

Later, when Aladdin and Hakuryuu prepares for their journeys, she asks them if she could go for a half of it. She says she decided to go to the Dark Continent to see it with her own eyes and calms her feelings. She then thanks Hakuryuu for what he said earlier, because it she was able to decide her move after that. He blushes and she can't understand what Aladdin means by saying his Rukh is pink. After that, she asks what about Alibaba, but Aladdin replies he couldn't talk with him. The atmosphere was awkward up to the day of Aladdin's, Morgiana's and Hakuryuu's departure. Before boarding the ship Masrur warns her of Reim Empire's slave hunters. Morgiana wonders if Alibaba is still angry at them for having to part ways, but Sinbad is surprised when he hears them and says something to them. They are sent off with wishing a save trip by Sinbad, his Eight Generals and Sindra's citizens.

Already on ship, she reassures worried Aladdin that they will be able to talk with Alibaba later and straight things up, to which he replies they she's right and they will meet each other again because of Rukh's Guidence. The three of them smiles while being watched by Alibaba.

Pirates Arc

Morgiana, along with Aladdin and Hakuryuu, goes to their room and is happy about the possibility of sleeping in one room with them. Even though Hakuryuu protest, she says she don't mind sharing a room with a guy. During they're talk about Alibaba, Morgiana recalls seeing him in strange manner, when she saw his butt openly exposed during their stay in Balbadd. After that, they go to look at Alibaba in his worsts, and she looks curiously at him. Aladdin explains to him that they were just joking, but Morgiana puts Alibaba into very awkward situation by saying she said the truth. Later, she is intrigued by Alibaba's story.

The next day, Morgiana is able to see fire at the port from a great distance. Olba, one of Aum Madaura's children, appears and says she has a great eyes. He attacks a boat they're on and says that they are pirates. When ships' captain is attacked, she kicks the opponent and saves him. She fights along with her friends with pirates. Finally, Olba gets angry and uses Ala Rasars. Alibaba is able to destroy this floating ball, but only to fall to the sea. Morgiana tries to catch them with chains, but is attacked from behind and falls herself. She, along with Alibaba and Aladdin, is soon saved by Hakuryuu, who makes plants, kind of Life Magic. Then Hakuryuu almost successfully defeats all opponents, but they take captain as a hostage. Pirates are able to escape.

After that, Aktia Kingdom's Navy comes to them and takes them to Aktia Kingdom. They then hear about Aum Madaura's acts of kidnapping children. The group is amazed by Hakuryuu's ability and plan to search Aum Madaura. After seeing how badly people from slums are treated by Aktia's Navy, Alibaba decides to help them and no one oposes. Later, she watches as Aladdin is talking with Yamraiha and Sinbad thanks to Eye of the Rukh. During that time, Alibaba presses Hakuryuu, wanting to know if he had completed Djinn Equip. However, Hakuryuu refuses to say the truth and plays with Alibaba. Morgiana sees that as they made up with each other and is happy about it.

When they arrive at pirates location, they are instantly attacked. Thanks to Aladdin's Harhar Rasars they seem to have an advantage, but it doesn't last long. After some time pirates retreats and they are left alone. Opponents however have only hidden. Morgiana notices this and warns Aladdin about enemy behind him, but says it a little too late. Aladdin and the others are attacked, but pirates still hides themselves. Then, Morgiana starts running and climbs to one of holes and without any problems, she defeats them, saying that theirs balls are too fragile. She spots other groups and eventually defeats them all, breaking walls. Aladdin and Alibaba happily exclaim it was incredible and great respectively.

Next, Aum Madaura appears and breaks the ground, making Morgiana and company fall into water. Morgiana can't swim, so Alibaba and others want to quickly take her from that place. They are however attacked by Aum Madaura, who uses Sarg Arsarros, similar to Judar's attack. During Alibaba and Aladdin's fight, Hakuryuu takes care of already unconscious Morgiana, but when they're attacked as well, Alibaba activates Amol Saika to defend them. It's useless to use Heat Magic underwater, the same goes to Aladdin's Harhar Infigar. Eventually Alibaba defeats them thanks to borrowing pirates' Magic Tool.

After being taken out of water, Aladdin asks Morgiana, who is coughing, if she's alright and she answers she is. On the enemy's boat, they are attacked by Aum Madaura's children. They are able to escape, but Hakuryuu comments that even following orders of the one who raised them is no good reason to hurt people. Morgiana says she also used to hurt people because of the very same reason. After that, Alibaba tells them that he always listened to his mother and asks Hakuryuu if it was the same for him. Kou Empire's Prince replies he doesn't know what it is to have a real mother because his sister raised him. Morgiana remembers when Hakuryuu told her about his family's tragedy and wonders if his mother was killed as well. Hearing how Aladdin says that he used to feel lonely because he doesn't have a family and that he would be incredibly happy if a mother appeared, Morgiana recalls Masrur's words about no presence of other Fanalis in their homeland. Alibaba comes to a conclusion that Aum Madaura took an advantage of this feeling and Morgiana comments she won't forgive her.

The group finally reaches Aum Madaura. Before they are able to do anything, Great Holy Mother uses Magic Tool, Holy Mother Halo Fan and casts a spell on them. Morgiana is very quickly affected. She falls on her kness and calls Aum Madaura her mother as she trembles. Alibaba tries to shake her out of that state and says to her that this is obviously an enemy's trick. He cries in the process, without being able to realize why. Morgiana comes closer to Aum Madaura and cries, calling her "Mama". After Aladdin's speach, on who the spell was much weaker due to him never meeting his real mother, he is able to break it on Alibaba. He then proceed and tells Morgiana to remember important things she received from other, notably Goltas. Thanks to this, the three is able to break free. Aum Madaura comments that they are still physically children, but they have the mentality of adults. Right after that, Hakuryuu, who still is under the spell, attacks them. He uses Djinn Equip himself and fights against them. Eventually Alibaba unleashes Amol Saika, but can't cut Hakuryuu's spear. Morgiana notices it's because of its surface, which is strenghtened thanks to Hakuryuu's Magoi Manipulation. Alibaba can't understand why Hakuryuu is doing somethings like this so desperately. Near to the end of the battle, Morgiana is terrified seeing that Hakuryuu is at his limit of using his Magoi. When Alibaba cuts Hakuryuu's spear, Morgiana and Aladdin gets closer to this. Hakuryuu, before losing consciosness asks if it's Alibaba who did "this" to his mother and Morgiana is sure he meant the one who killed her.

After that, Aktia Kingdom's intervenes and capturs Aum Madaura and her crew, which was due to their diplomatic relations with Sindria. Already in Aktia, Morgiana asks what will happen to the children. In response she hears that they will probably be imprisioned. Then she goes to Hakuryuu and asks if he's alright. After seeing how citizens want to kill Aum Madaura, she is stunned, and even more when Hakuryuu brutally cuts off her head. After talking to Alibaba about what he has done, Olba suddenly attacks him.

After the scene, Hakuryuu leaves that place and Morgiana follows him. She asks him if he is departing alone like this and in return hears that he can't be with everyone anymore. He then thanks her what what she has done up until now. She exclaims she doesn't want to bid a farewell to him like this. Hakuryuu tells her to come with him to the Kou Empire and confess that he likes her. He describes her as magnificent woman, strong, gentle and beautiful. He then takes her hand and says that he want to ask her to become his wife. Morgiana is too shocked and asks him if he's alright because he seems strange. He answers that he is serious and tells her that since their talk after Dunya's funeral, he wants her to became an empress of the nation he will build. She can't believe it and tries to decline his offer by saying she was once a slave and thus can't become an empress, but he exclaims he doesn't care about that and forcefully kisses her. After that, he proclaims that she will become his empress. He demands her answer, but she hestitates and apologizes to him. When he once again says to come with him, she begs him to stop and cries. She then hears words of apology, but he soon adds he is serious about this. She says she is happy about his confession and it's the first time a man said something like this to her, but still, she can't go with him. She doesn't reply when Hakuryuu asks why, but he realizes it's because of her relationship with Aladdin and Alibaba, especially Alibaba, hinting her possible feeling for him. She then smiles and wants to convince him to go back, optimistically believing that Aladdin and Alibaba will listen to his trobles. Hakuryuu thanks her, saying she really is a gentle person and that's one more reason to not give up on her. He then tells her to give her friends best regards, and, with tears in his eyes, says that will surely come to propose to her once again. After parting with Hakuryuu, she comes to Alibaba and Aladdin and explains Hakuryuu's situation. When Alibaba wants to go to him, thinking he resembles Kassim, Morgiana hugs him and begs him no to go with tears in her eyes, shocking him. Aladdin asks if it's alright with her if he goes, but she doesn't respond.

The night before farewells, the group decides to spend in port city of Aktia. Morgiana seems to be in a bad mood. Alibaba thinks it's because of what Hakuryuu has done to Aum Madaura and wants to raise her spirit. When the party is eating, Aladdin asks Morgiana is she is alright because she hasn't touched her food. Alibaba happily takes a plate with fish and says that her strong point is her physical strength, so she has to eat to her heart's content. When she answers she will be okay, he says that if she says so, he will have to eat that delicious fish. He then slaps it on her face and annoys her, so she eventually eats every fish he serves her. After some of them, she asks if he is now satisfied and he exclaims with a big smile that she is great.

After that, Aladdin says he will take a route toward Magnostadt, and confirms if Alibaba and Morgiana are going to the Reim Empire together. She explains that they are going to different parts of Reim, so they will take different ships as well. Alibaba says that he intends to return in no more the year and the same goes to Morgiana, who wants to go to Sindria as soon as she will see her home village. Aladdin confess thet he will take much more time, but they are tied by destiny so they will surely meet again. Alibaba suggests to make a promise and Aladdin agrees. The three of them hits their fists saying they will surely meet again and in one piece. Later, the three of them starts to have fun. Alibaba laugh at Morgiana's funny way of eating. Then, they watch Aladdin dancing. To have some fun as well, Alibaba takes Morgiana's hand and invites her for a dance. She seems curious by his behaviour but doesn't protest and blushes a little. Soon, the whole group is happily dancing.

Later that evening, when the group heads back to sleep, Alibaba notices something. He asks Aladdin to take a detour, to which his small friend says it's alright with him. Morgiana says it's okay with her too, but Alibaba says she should go back and rest because she wasn't feeling good before. She answers she's alright now, so he uses another argument, being that it's dangerous for a girl. When Aladdin is surprised that Alibaba wants to let Morgiana to go home alone in the dark, he says that if someone attacked her, Aladdin should be worried about that people. Morgiana is even more irritated. Aladdin then notices that Alibaba is contradicting himself, but is soon whispered something. Now even Aladdin says she should go, they have some men talks. They confuse her even more and then leave her alone. She decides to follow them and sigh seeing that they went to pleasure house. She doesn't go back, but instead watches what they are doing. She realized that every little thing Alibaba says to the girls on spun of the moment, is exactly the same thing Hakuryuu told her earlier. First, she tries to shake her head, but in the end gets so annoyed that she stamps on the ground, leaving lost people thinking it was an earthquake. Before the morning comes, she is seen sleeping peacefully.

In the morning, Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana are finally forced to bid their farewalls. When Aladdin and Alibaba exclaims they will become strong when they will meet again, Morgiana says she also will become stronger so she won't lose to them. Alibaba sinks her zeal by reminding her that her objection is not training and asks if she wants to become even stronger. Then, Aladdin says goodbye to them and Morgiana and Alibaba sent him off with a smile. After that, Alibaba is boarding his ship as well. She tightens her fists on her dress, as if she wanted to say something, but then Alibaba turns around. He tells her that he remembered something about her Household Vessel. He says that as long he will keep his Metal Vessel at hand, she will be able to use Amon's power. She says she understands, but Alibaba reassures her not to worry, confusing her. He exclaims he will never let go of his Metal Vessel, because, even though she is already strong, he wants to become her strength whether she is in danger. Morgiana doesn't know what to say so she simply thanks him. She is then given beautiful necklace and said to always bring it with her, in case her current Household Vessel broke and she needed something to transfer Household Spirit. She puts it on, smiles and deeply bows to a ship which Alibaba boarded.

World Exploration Arc

Just like everyone else, Morgiana went on her own journey in this Arc. She wanted to go to her home, the dark continent. She headed in the same direction as Alibaba, but they took different boats since they were in separate areas. Before they parted, Alibaba gave her a necklace, saying it could be her second household vessel. Morgiana blushed, and accepted the gift. She then left for her own journey. After many travels, she arrived at an area called "The Great Gorge". She was staying with a neighbouring tribe until she reached it, and they were the ones who guided her there. Before she could thank them, they told her how dangerous it was, and how there was no guarantee of coming back. The Black Gorge got it's name because sunlight doesn't get into the gorge, even though it should. This hints that there is a magical presence in the Gorge. The Gorge was so wide that one side was not visible from the other. Morgiana took her chances. She said bye to her new friends, and jumped into the Gorge. She used her household vessel to get to the bottom uninjured, but on her way down, many thoughts went through her head. "What is this?" "I'm scared" "I wanna go back" were some of them. However, she relieved herself, and relaxed her nerves. She told herself to think carefully how to manuever herself, since she could not see anything once at the bottom. She used her hearing to manuever herself, by unleashing a howl, and waiting for the sound waves to return to know how far an object was from her. She proceeded onward with this technique.

After she continued on her way for a while, a source of light appeared at the bottom, it was a small house, with a boy standing in the doorway. He told her to come in. After saying hi to her by name, he introduced himself to Morgiana as Yunan. She asked how he knew her name, and he said that he recoganized it. He said he heard her talking to the tribesmen earlier, and he also told her that he could hear everything in the Gorge. Yunan is presumably one of the Magi of this Era. He had blonde hair, and a braid, like several other Magi. He offered Morgiana some tea, and she accepted. He told her that he could take her to the other side of the Gorge. However, he said that he had one condition. This condition, was that if he took her to the other side, she couldn't return. During this whole conversation, Yunan persisted with a look of sorrow on his face, as if he knew that some misfortune might happen very soon to Morgiana.


As a member of the Fanalis, Morgiana is very strong when it comes to fighting ability. She is strong enough to take down a large number of opponents with her bare hands.

  • Battle Cry - Morgiana has a battle cry that she uses to fight against, and scare monsters. She has scared off monsters up to 2 to 3 times her size.
    • Echolocation - An upgraded version of her Battle Cry, Morgiana uses this to see her surroundings when shrouded in the pitch black of the Great Rift.
  • Enhanced Physical Strength - Morgiana is very strong and her kicks can defeat dangerous beasts in single hits. She was able to break adult Fanalis handcuffs and chains when she got angry. She is strong enough to carry up to 7 people at once. Since training under Masrur, her strength has further increased.
  • Enhanced Senses - Morgiana, as a Fanalis, has shown superior hearing and smelling, as shown where she was able to locate Aladdin and Alibaba in the Dungeon, Amon where they where hiding in a cave which was not normally visible.
  • Martial Artist - Since going to Sindria, Morgiana has trained under Masrur in martial arts and to increase her physical skills, since training, she has shown impressive skill fighting opponents.


Morgiana uses the powers of Alibaba Saluja's Djinn, Amon. Amon lends his power to her Household Vessel, Amol Selseira. Morgiana has stated that since her Household Vessel takes too much out of her, she would rather just increase her martial art abilities.

Household Vessel

  • Amol Selseira (Flame Wings of Iron Chains) - Morgiana has a Household Vessel from Alibaba's Djinn, Amon. It appears as the leg chains she had as a slave. Since it was best to use something one has a attachment to, she chose this as she has had it for a long time.
    • Alibaba gave her a second Household Vessel from Amon, a sort of necklace with the same Fanalis Symbol as her chains, its abilities are still unknown. It was meant to be a spare in case her bracelet got broken.


  • Her name is based on "Morgiana" (Arabic: مَرجانة Marjaanah "Coral"), a main character and the slave girl who served Ali Baba in Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves from the One Thousand and One Nights.
  • In the anime she was seen journeying along with the caravan carrying wine across the desert when her appearance wasn't until the next chapter after this incident in the manga.
  • Aladdin calls her "Mor".
  • Morgiana likes training and dislikes loneliness. Her weaknesses are improvisation and that she can't swim. Her special skill is kicks.
  • Morgiana's favorite type of man is "I'm not really sure".
  • Morgiana is sometimes compared to Erza Scarlet because of their reserved personalities, inhuman strength and similar histories involving slavery and bullying. They also both have red hair in the manga (although Morgiana's is changed to pink in the anime).