Moriya Minakata is one of the main protagonists in The Last Blade series.


Moriya is a young swordsman who is training under a legendary teacher named Gaisei. Under his tutelage, he was became a great swordsman along with Kaede and Yuki. For many years, they lived that happily together while learning bushidō.

One day he discovered his master dead, and the killer was nowhere to be found. Kaede saw Moriya standing over the body. Soon after, Kaede was resolved to slay Moriya under the belief that Moriya slew Gaisei. Without a word, Moriya has would be set out on the run. Not only did Moriya wish to avoid this confrontation, but he also sought the real killer, a man named Shinnosuke Kagami, in order to clear his name. However, after over five years of searching, Moriya failed to find Kagami. Kaede would defeat Kagami before Moriya could.

After failing to take revenge upon Kagami, Moriya secluded himself in the wilderness to improve his skills and technique. During this time, he finds within himself an urge to “return” to the portal known as “Hell’s Gate.” Ceasing his training, he sets out in order to seek the truth.


Moriya was always quiet as a youth and more skilled than Kaede during training sessions, a fact that Gaisei somewhat lamented as it also made him more distant to his siblings. He is also apparently warm to them before, but began to act coldly and placid to them and other people after his mentor's death though he still cares for his adopted family.

He may have harbored a grudge against Kaede as a result of falsely being implicated for their master's death, something that has persisted long after the misunderstanding was cleared.

Regardless, he protects his foster siblings by ignoring them, determined to solve their problems with the Hell's Gate quickly and alone.


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