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You guys are demon slayers? Who knew there was a job for something like that? I mean I had no idea. So, I guess you're here because you wanna "slay" me, Beniyasha! *chuckle* Don't make me laugh. You guys could never beat me. Not in a million years! In fact, I'll turn you all into lunch for my Kurikaramaru! Better get ready!
~ Moroha upon meeting the newly reformed demon sayers.

Moroha is one of the titular protagonists of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. She is the only daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome Higurashi.

She is voiced by Azusa Tadokoro in the Japanese version and Morgan Berry in the English version.


She had black hair from her mother and father, while he is in his human form. Just like her father Inuyasha, she wears the Robe of the Fire-rat.


Like her mother, she is cheerful and friendly and also has a dangerous temper like her father. She is often seen massively expressive and upfront both in conversation and in battle, a stark contrast from the more reserved and serious Setsuna. Even when confronting some of the most dangerous demons in the land, she is often seen with an excited or bold expression on her face more so than Towa or Setsuna combined, likely indicating a thrill for battle. After her usual demon slaying with a low to non-existent bounty reward after the fact, her expression of disappointment is often dramatic, with her raising her voice and/or making movements in place.


She was born as the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome. Tragically, Moroha knows very little of her parents as she has lived alone most of her life. She was raised by Kōga and Ayame until she was 8 years old when she became Yawaragi’s pupil until she turned 11. She likely knows her cousin Setsuna through her business dealings with demon slayers. She is the quarter-demon bounty hunter who slays demons and sells their parts to other demon slayers, presumably so they can make weapons and armor out of them.

Powers and Abilities

She inherited her mother's spiritual powers.

  • Spiritual Abilities
  • Time Traveling

She had same powers from her father:

  • Superhuman Senses
  • Enhanced Stamina
  • Sankon Tessō ("Iron Reaver Soul Stealer" in the English dub)
  • Hijin Kessō ("Blades of Blood" in the English dub)
  • Demonic Aura Sensitivity


  • She wields the yōkai sword Kurikaramaru.
  • Like Rinne Rokudō, she is 75% human and 25% yokai (dog demon), her father is half human, while her mother is full Human.
  • Her Japanese voice actress, Azusa Tadokoro, also voiced Karen Kamishiro in Aikatsu Friends!, Aoi Kiriya in original Aikatsu! series, Yuzu Nikaidō in Aikatsu Stars! series, and Pipimi in Pop Team Epic.
  • Her English voice actress, Morgan Berry, also voiced Hatsuharu Sohma (Young) in Fruits Basket (2019) series, Yoshiko Tsushima in Love Live! Sunshine!!, Miyabi in Senran Kagura, Goro (young) in Darling in the Franxx, Silver Sable in Marvel Avengers Academy, Tokaku Azuma in Akuma no Riddle, Nishiki Nishio (Young) in Tokyo Ghoul, Tokaku Azuma in Riddle Story of Devil, and Renly in Sword Art Online.


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