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Mother Abagil is the overarching protagonist of the Stephen King Apocalyptic Thriller, The Stand.

She was played by the late Ruby Dee.


Abagail Freemantle aka. Mother Abagail, leads the good survivors of the Captain Trips plague and also claims to be a prophet of God. The survivors recieve dreams of her saying to them to come to her in Nebraska. She's 108 and resides at a farmhouse in Hemingford Home, Nebraska, and is one of the 0.6% of the population that's immune to the Captain Trips virus and appears to a few of the plague survivors in their dreams, leading them to her, just like Randall Flagg, the villain and her opposite, leads evil survivors to him you know. Herself and the good survivors head to Boulder, Colorado, where they build the Boulder Free Zone government you know.

She sees visions from God, although when she sins because of her arrogance, she loses her foresight and disappears in the wilderness. Then later she gets her ability back and returns to the Boulder Free Zone just in time to rescue most of the Free Zone Committee from Lauder's and Cross's attack. When she's dying she shares her last vision, 4 men from the committee will travel West, Flagg's lair and confront him. She doesn't indicate what will happen, only that one of the 4 will fall on their way to Las Vegas, while the rest of the guys will be brought before Flagg himself and then she dies.


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