Mother Cougar is the tritagonist of the 1987 Disney film Benji the Hunted.

She was voiced by Laura Summer.


After Benji escapes from the Hunter, he sees Mother Cougar and barks, but she growls at him. Benji then moves the cubs to a new location, carrying each of them individually in his mouth. While doing this, the helicopter flies overhead and Benji sees his trainer in the window. By the time Benji has finished moving the cubs to the new den, another animal has eaten the quail. Benji searches for more food, barking at the cubs when they try to follow him. Meanwhile, the Timber Wolf begins to movie in on the cubs, but the helicopter flies overhead, scaring him away.

The next day, Benji sees Mother Cougar and the Wolf nearby. The Wolf chases Benji, but the dog manages to elude him.

Later, Mother Cougar drinks from the stream when one of the cubs approaches. Just then, the helicopter flies overhead, scaring Mother Cougar away. When Benji spots the her again, he barks at the cubs to follow him across the stream. The helicopter lands nearby and Frank Inn gets out, calling for Benji. The dog looks between his master and the cubs playing, but does not make a move. Unaware Benji is nearby, Inn gets back into the helicopter and flies away.

Benji spots Mother Cougar and sees the cub that the eagle took following closely behind her. Benji barks at her repeatedly until she gives chase, but Benji loses her along the way. Although Benji almost falls into the deep ravine, he climbs to safety. From the top of the cliff, Benji sees the cubs below. Benji finds the cougar near the waterfall. Benji runs to get the cubs, but finds the wolf watching the cubs. Benji barks at the wolf, then bites at him. The cubs hide under a rock where the wolf cannot reach them. Benji jumps on the wolf’s back, then runs away. As the wolf gives chase, Benji runs up the side of the mountain and leads him to the edge of the cliff. The wolf runs off the cliff. Benji lures the cubs to come out from under the rock and carries one of the cubs up the side of the steep mountain in his mouth. At the top, Benji leaves the first cub, then goes back down the cliff to get the others. With all three cubs on the mountaintop, the mountain lion appears. She sniffs the cubs and nuzzles them. The cub that has been following the lioness comes into the meadow, sees its siblings and runs to join them. The lioness lies down and the four cubs nurse from their adoptive mother. Benji goes to rest in plain sight in the meadow just as the helicopter approaches. 



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