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Motis is one of the main characters of the Chinese animated series World of Super Sand Box which is adapted from a Manhua.


She has pale skin, long black hair, and red eyes.

She dresses in a white shirt, dark grey coat, and a black skirt as part of her school attire.

When in combat, she dresses in a black and red bodysuit with a red helmet.


She first appears when Noii accidentally bumps into her. Soon after, she overhears the alert on Level 5 threat that requires all citizens to get to a safe zone.

Following the elimination of the threat, she is introduced as a new member of the class. She was later seen meeting Noii in front of the school building shortly before leaving.

Immediately after a monster attacks Noii, she suits up and comes to the rescue, losing her helmet in the process. Although she was disarmed, Noii used her katana to kill the beast. She then made him keep quiet about the encounter.

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