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Hero Overview

Ahh, Actually, I guess there is an easier way of introducing myself to you. I'm the same as you and Ou Hon. A man aiming to be a Great General of the Heavens.
~ To Shin and the Hi Shin Unit during their first meeting.
I've always known, Ten. That you are the most talented man to be born into the Mou Family in the last three generations.
~ Mou Gou's thoughts on his grandson.

Mou Ten is a deuteragonist/tritagonist and supporting character in the popular historical seinen manga and anime series, Kingdom. He is a General for the State of Qin's military, leader of the Gaku Ka Army and is a leading figure within the Qin military as he fights to conquer and unify the various enemy states. He is the first-born son of Mou Bu, a Great General of the state Qin and first member of the Six Great Generals, grandson of the late Mou Gou the Hakurou and Great General of the state Qin, nephew to Shou Hei Kun the Chancellor of the Right and Chief of Military Affairs, and Mou Ki's older brother during the Warring States era of ancient B.C. China.

Introduced into the story as the leader of the then Gaku Ka Unit during the Third Faction Arc, Mou Ten quickly showed himself as an incredible and a rival later ally to his colleague Ou Hon and

In the anime series, he is voiced by Hirofumi Nojima.


Mou Ten's Apperance Phase 1.png

Mou Ten is often described as looking very feminine with his long bright brown hair, short and slender frame as well as a distinct lack of facial hair, he does however have a small mole on his right cheek. He usually wears a pink robe over his armor even into battle and carries a thin sword with him. As pointed out by Ri Shin, he has virtually no resemblance to his father, Mou Bu. In season 3 of the anime, his hair became a darker shade of brown. At some point before the Koku You Campaign Arc, he began to wear a different robe with fur around his neck as well as golden vambraces as a 5000-man commander and after becoming a general he shortened his hair and added shoulder pads, necklace and a cape to his attire.



Possessing a very friendly and outgoing personality, Mou Ten is always lively and ready to joke about situations. At times, he can seem quite carefree but this conceals a very cunning side of him which shows up whenever things get serious.


He is not above using his father's and grandfather's influence to get what he wants.

Mou Ten cares very much for his family and displays a near-reckless abandon as he attacked Ren Pa when he saw his grandfather injured by the vicious Great General.


Powers and Abilities

Acknowledged by his grandfather Mou Gou, a Great General to a prodigy even among his own elite family and a leading figure among the talented, younger commanders of the State of Qin and Warring States Era, Mou Ten is a brilliant and supremely clever military commander despite his young age.

Physical Abilities

Fighting Style

  • Master Swordsman: Mou Ten is a genius master swordsman, even when compared to his comrade Ri Shin. His style's emphasizing masterful and deadly precision as he targets his opponent's vital areas with high-speed thrusts.
    • Deflection: Armed with extraordinary versatility as Mou Ten shows off his uncanny reflexes in deflecting death blows, like a sword strike from Kou Yoku of the Thunder and Ba Nan Ji, the Demon of Ganmon's strike while catching him completely off guard while destroying the old veteran's right eye.
  • Precision Form Fighter:
  • Leadership:
  • Master Tactician: The smartest tactician out of his two rivals, Mou Ten possesses boundless tactical acuity that was acknowledged by Shou Hei Kun as he graduated his school of strategists with top marks.

Miscellaneous Abilities


  • Sword:



  • Mou Bu (father)
  • Mou Gou (grandfather)
  • Shou Hei Kun (adoptive uncle/former mentor)
  • Ko Zen (subordinate/former guardian)
  • Mou Ki (little brother)
  • Riku Sen (subordinate/right hand/comrade)
  • Ai Sen (subordinate/right hand)
  • Ou Hon (best friend/friendly rival)
  • Ri Shin (close friend/friendly rival)


    • Mou Ten is based on the real-life ancient B.C. Qin inventor and general, Meng Tian who was known for repulsing the Xiongnu raiders during his leadership of the north, his part in the construction of the Great Wall of China and, the designed and invention of the Huzhou Ink Brush as well as the Zheng, a Chinese musical instrument.
  • Mou Ten is one of the youngest people in the series to have become a general at the age of 25 alongside both Ou Hon at 25 and Ri Shin at 24 and Kou Yoku, and Haku Rei in their 20s.
  • It was reveled in vol 57's omake that Mou Ten has the status and title of a judge in the state of Qin's courts after studying legalism during his childhood.

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