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Mousse is a minor character from the anime and manga series One Piece. She is the wife of Seto, and the daughter of Kalgara and Herb. She was the most beautiful woman of the island is considered at Jaya Arc in last years ago.

She was voiced by Yūko Minaguchi in Japanese and Brittney Karbowski in English.


Mousse is a beautiful young silm woman has a normal sized skin. She has dark purple hair, into her back at the two braided strands at her front. She has a small white wings with the back like the other Shandia and dark purple eyes. She has a light green dress tunic with purple and orange stripes around her neck, and her bottom, were stopping nears to the thighs, and white sleeves in her fringe. She wears a red sandals, a white hat and plaid purple. She also wears white earrings and yellow bracelet in her left.


Mousse is a caring, calm, and strict attitude didn't not take care of her father's hot blood and it's considerate as well of the being such as the others. Mousse lives in the altar to listen all everybody, very comfort as known when she was feeling want to join the god, she was very freezing and even frightened while Noland tells her to ran away from the altar. He save her life during his actions, then ask her and his crew between, made it her safely of the one at the first Shandia to became that Noland is a great man. She also was a one wise close enough will go talk to his' crew they actually were shunned by the villagers, and returns to her father giving they grave error at judgment cowards Noland.



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