Mowgli is a young boy living in the jungles of India and adopted by the wolf pack led by Akela when he was young. Mowgli has black hair with brown eyes, wears a grass loin cloth with a tiger claw he has as a charm around his neck that he got from Shere Khan in a fight.


Mowgli has a thrill for adventure and fun rather than studying, very quick and agile, but has a lot to learn. However, he is very protective and loyal to his friends and family.

But Mowgli does pay attention to Baloo's lessons as seen in "The Black Bees" and "Legend of Giant Claw."

It's seen in "Sleeping Python" and in "Mowgli's Sparklie" that Mowgli is a bit possessive. At times he can be overconfident seen in "Survival of the Fittest." He had a good start in the climbing contest but took a nap in the middle of the event, then lost at the end and again in "The Jungle Tour" when he showed Ponya around the jungle but also during the same episode Mowgli hates to be criticized.

His willingness to protect and loyalty to his wolf family can be seen in "The Race" when he saved Phaona from Shere Khan, in "Blood Brothers" and "The Day the Earth Shook" to protect and help Bala and Lali. In "Snake Bite" he went into great lengths to save Akela from a cobra bite.

Mowgli even extends his kindness to his enemies as well seen in "Save the Tiger" and "Tooth of the Matter".


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