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Mr. Beaver is a beaver who appears in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, who helps the Pevensie siblings bring Narnia back to its beautiful self.

He is voiced by British actor, Ray Winstone.

Role in the film

Mr. Beaver helps Lucy, Susan and Peter Pevensie get across Narnia to see Aslan. They need to see Aslan so they could get their brother Edmund back because he has been kidnapped by The White Witch. Once they arrived, Peter killed Maugrim to protect Susan and Lucy. One of the other wolves made it back to the White Witches camp, which got invaded by Aslan's army. The following morning, Peter saw Edmund at the top of hill, apologizing to Aslan for his actions. The White Witch demanded a meeting with Aslan which was revealed by Mr. Beaver. After Aslan was killed, Mr. Beaver prepared Edmund for war. Edmund tried to kill the White Witch, but she managed to stab him in the stomach. During the war, Aslan returned from the dead and killed the White Witch.


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