Mr. Beefy is a Bulldog from Hell and the deuteragonist from the fantasy comedy movie Little Nicky. He is an close friend of Satan and Little Nicky's pet dog and sidekick. 

He is voiced by Robert Smigel.

Appearence and role

His appearence is an Bulldog with spiked necklace. He has the ability to speak in a human language.

Mr. Beefy is hired by Satan to be Little Nicky's pet dog. He is a nice dog who talks like an human being. Mr. Beefy teaches his owner Little Nicky how to eat correctly the fried chicken by giving him positive things that is interesting. He accompanes Little Nicky to stop Little Nicky's two evil brothers from creating a living hell on Earth. When Little Nicky plays Basketball, Mr. Beefy encourages him by saying "Woof! Woof!" like a dog.

Mr. Beefy encourages his owner Little Nicky to defeat one of Little Nicky's evil brothers. After Little Nicky's brothers are imprisoned by the flask thanks to Nicky's loved ones including Ozzy. He was seen walking with him and his human wife who had a son who is quarter-angel, half-demon and half-human, Mr. Beefy tells the elderly woman that Little Nicky's infant son is a quarter-angel.. After Little Nicky's son fire-breathes at the elderly woman for tickling him. Mr. Beefy decides to keep an eye on his owner Little Nicky and his human wife Valerie and their son.


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