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Mr. Church is a mysterious individual who apparently does business dealings inside a Church. However, Church is really an agent for the CIA. His Signature Weapon of Choice is the HK416. Church's real name is unknown.


Meeting with the Heroes

When Mr. Church met with our heroes: Trench Mauserand Barney Ross. He recruits the legendary military heroes of the Expandables to assassinate General Garza. Actually, the alternate mission is to assasinate Mr. Church's former friend-turned enemy, James Munroe. So that, the attempts will never go in failure numerous times. The only knowledge about Mr. Church's whereabouts is that he can have real-life consequences or not. He poses enough of a threat to use any means necessary to right any wrong-doing.


Mr. Church is a man who was enshrouded in mystery. Although, he gave an information to Expandables about the dangerous difficult missions. He can stop at nothing until he helps them to win the war against countless military threats, who did a crime of bombings, wars, incidents, etc.


  • Bruce Willis was not the original choice to play Mr. Church. Sylvester Stallone has admitted that casting Mr. Church was difficult. The role was first offered to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who went on to play Trent Mauser, and then to Kurt Russell, who turned the role down.
  • During production of The Expendables 2, Mr. Church was rumoured to be one of the film's main antagonists. However, the role was replaced with Jean-Claude Van Damme during in the final phase.
  • He seemed to know about Barney Ross's true birth name, as well as the other Expendables' names, believing that they might've faked deaths sometime before the first film.
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