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George Darling, also called Mr. Darling, is a minor protagonist of Disney's 1953 film Peter Pan. He is the father of the Darling children and is voiced by the late Hans Conried (who also voices Captain Hook in the same film).


George lives in Edwardian-era London with his family. He is referred to as Father by the children and "George, dear" by his wife.


George's personality is at first, loud, practical, and angry. He is noticeably involved with his children, albeit in a very strict manner. Mr. Darling's anger toward his sons is not entirely without justification, as they had defaced part of his tuxedo by drawing a treasure map on it without his permission, and have used his golden cuff links in one of their nursery games without his permission. His anger at Wendy, on the other hand, is because she is about to mature into a woman and become a proper lady, and it can be surmised that etiquette at the time provided that ladies shouldn't speak of childish things like Peter Pan when they are in public situations.

In Once Upon a Time

George Darling and the rest of the Darling family appear in the second season of the ABC fairy tale drama, portrayed by Andrew Airlie. He retains the personality that he has in the Disney movie - a stern, no-nonsense, practical man who wants his children to grow up. However, he looks radically different than in the Disney version; instead of heavyset, he is very slim and has whiter-looking hair.

The fact that his sons grew older and that Wendy was made a prisoner in Never Land sadly suggests that he grew old and passed away.

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