Mr. Pods are aliens that might be responsible for Mr. Bean's existence. It is unknown why Mr. Bean is on earth in the first place.

Mr. Pod only appears in Double Trouble. One of them have visited earth and meets Mr. Bean. The two are getting along by pointing out their similarities. As they were leaving the park, they are talking to each other until they reached at Bean's flat where they find Irma, sleeping as she has been waiting outside for Bean to get home. Inside, Mr. Pod is shown to be better than Bean which made Bean jealous. Meanwhile, Pod and Irma leave together as Pod  takes Irma to the top of a hill where a spaceship lands filled with men who look exactly like Bean and Pod. Irma realises that Pod is an alien who wants to take her to his home planet, she leaves the ship as Bean happily enters the ship reuniting with his race.


Mr. Pod looks exactly like Mr. Bean with his face, shirt, tie, etc.

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