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~ Mr. Prince

Mr. Prince is the adult/grown-up counterpart of the Little Prince and one of the main characters of The Little Prince, despise his small screen-time. He is an anxious janitor who is working in the Businessman's Company.

He is voiced by Guillaume Canet in the French version, and by Paul Rudd in the English version, who also portrayed Ant-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Mr. Prince is a tall and thin young man (apparently middle/late 20s) with blue/teal eyes, pale skin and blonde hair. He wears a green suit with a brown belt and a yellow scarf who reminds his kid counterpart (like his haircut).

It was later revealed that the Academy Teacher uses a machine who turns him into an adult, but it erases all of his childhood memories.


He is completely different from his original counterpart : he is extremely anxious, pessimistic and insecure. he is shown to be hard-working. His personnality changed because of the Academy Teacher's machine. He is shown to be annoyed by the Little Girl who "slowing down his productivity", but he decides to "help" her

During his rescue, he remembers (slowly) his Rose and his childhood, and he is finally more optimistic, confident and hopeful than before

The Little Prince

The Little Girl travels in the Businessman's asteroid in order to find the Little Prince. She heads up to the top of a building, where she finds him, but in his adult form. She tries to talk with him about his childhood, but he considers it to be nonsense .When he discovers she is a kid, he convices her to follow him. He brings her to the Academy Teacher, who decided to turn her into a grownup, like the Little Prince (he actually thought he was helping her). During the Little Girl's growing-up accelerate process , he saw one of the pages of his history, and he saw his sheep. The Fox freed her, and Mr. Prince decides to save the Little Girl from the Academy Teacher by using the Growing-up Machine on him (altrough he is already old, the machine possibly kills him). He explains why he did that, and the Little Girl explains that the sheep was given to him by the Aviator to eat the baobabs : he begins to remember his past.


What ?!
~ Mr. Prince's first words in the film
I'm working ! See ? I've been essential !
~ Mr. Prince
I'm Mr.Prince : the maintenance man...and I'm afraid of the Businessman !
~ Mr. Prince to the Little Girl
Does it look I have time for friends ?!
~ Mr. Prince
Children are certainly very, very, very odd...
~ Mr. Prince
You will tell the Businessman would you, how essential I've been ?
~ Mr. Prince to the Academy Teacher




The Little Prince (2016) - Meet Mr. Prince

The first scene of Mr. Prince in the film


The Little Prince (2016) - The "Classroom"