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"Ooh Jethuth! Jethuth Chritht!"

Mr. Slave is Mr. Garrison's ex-boyfriend.

Mr Slave was introduced as Mr. Garrison's teaching assistant ("Teacher's Ass" as Mr. Garrison puts it). The apparent reason was initially to help the children come to terms with homosexuality. In truth, Mr. Garrison was trying to get himself fired so he could sue the school for discrimination.

Mr. Slave has a perverse habit of shoving small animals up his anus. After Mr. Garrison shoved a gerbil named Lemmiwinks inside him, it crawled through his digestive system before Mr. Slave wound up regurgitating Lemmiwinks. Later on, Mr. Slave managed to shove Paris Hilton up his rectum, where she was forced to make the same journey. Its never made clear if she survived.

After Mr. Garrison had a sex-change. Mr. Slave left him/her, stating that since he didn't get a say in this, it meant they couldn't be together. Mr. Slave then hooks up with Big Gay Al, the only other gay man in South Park. When the two try to get married, Ms. Garrison tried to sabotage their plans. The two do end up married nonetheless.

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