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Look, the cabin's on fire! We may be too late!
~ Daddy Starling seeing his summer cabin catched on fire by Pristine Figg and Lickboot.
Robyn, I promise, I'll never leave you again.
~ Daddy Starling apologizing to his daughter Robyn after their summer cabin is burned to the ground by Pristine Figg and Lickboot.

Robyn's father or Daddy Starling is the father of Robyn Starling and a major character of Tom and Jerry: The Movie.


Tom and Jerry: The Movie

He was believed being killed by an avalanche, but he survived. He also owned a cabin which is called Robyn's Nest. He first appears in Robyn's flashback. Robyn then receives a news from Tom and Jerry that her father is still alive.

He is again seen in his plane on an expedition receiving a call from his troops that his daughter ran away and they can't find her, prompting him to abort his expedition to return home. He arrives at his base called "Starling Enterprise", where he receives a terrible news that Pristine Figg and Lickboot have already planted a one million dollar reward bounty on his daughter. So, he quickly boards on his helicopter and heads over Robyn's nest to rescue his daughter, Tom and Jerry, as well as stop Figg and Lickboot.

He finally arrives as Figg, Lickboot and Ferdinand boarded on Robyn's boat by accident. He then realizes that Figg and Lickboot has set the cabin on fire. He manages to rescue Robyn, but is unable to save Tom and Jerry and the cabin collapses; however, only half of the stairway and the dock are not been destroyed. He then lands his helicopter on the cabin's dock and finds them alive and unharmed.

He then apologizes to his daughter and tells her he will not leave her again and promises to rebuild the cabin. Afterwards, he immediately removes the bounty on his daughter, has Figg, Lickboot and Ferdinand arrested for their crimes and destroying Starling Enterprise property, and rebuilds the cabin.


  • He is voiced by Ed Gilbert, who also voiced Puggsy in the movie.
  • Robyn's father appearance bears a resemblance to the character Indiana Jones.


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