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Oh-ho-ho... Don't you worry, little one. I'll fix your little red wagon. Soon, I'll be fixing everything!
~ Mr. Tinker.

Mr. Tinker is the friendly alter-ego of the infamous despot, Dr. Eggman. Unlike his original persona, Mr. Tinker is a kind and helpful handyman who is happy to fix anything that is broken and enjoys spending time with children. He first appeared in the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


A New Lease on Life

After losing his war against the Resistance, Dr. Eggman was found unconscious by the citizens of Windmill Village and was immediately apprehended. The doctor remained incarcerated overnight until he managed to break out of his cell so he could reinforce it. Confused by his behavior, the villagers questioned Eggman and discovered he had no recollection of his identity or past misdeeds. He also showed no signs of returning to villainy, which convinced the villagers he was no longer the vile person he had previously been and decided to take him in. As gratitude for their hospitality, the amnesiac Eggman helped the villagers by fixing anything they had in need of repair, which earned him the nickname Mr. Tinker.

Meanwhile, the Chaotix Detective Agency were actively searching for Eggman to make him answer for his crimes when they received a anonymous tip about the villain's whereabouts and soon learnt of what had occurred at Windmill Village. They asked Mr. Tinker their own set of questions to ensure he was not faking his condition. However they eventually arrived at the same conclusion as the villagers and are uncertain on how to handle the situation. The Chaotix decided to call on Sonic the Hedgehog in hopes that he could think of a solution to their predicament.

At first Sonic was unsure on whether to really trust Mr. Tinker, but when the village is suddenly attacked by Badniks, the hedgehog was surprised to find him hastily constructing a blockade indoors while trying to reassure frightened children. Mr. Tinker begged Sonic to do something about the robots outside, showing genuine fear of them that convinced the speedster to leave him alone and focus on stopping the Badniks. Once the machines were destroyed, Sonic became certain that Mr. Tinker was not a threat, until the handyman brought up that he was building "Eggman Land". At that moment, Shadow and Rouge appeared with intent of destroying Dr. Eggman, but Sonic managed to convince Shadow to give the reformed villain a second chance before Mr. Tinker showed both hedgehogs that the Eggman Land he was referring to is an indoor amusement park created for children.

The Return of Dr. Eggman

During the Resistance's battle against Metal Sonic for Angel Island, Mr. Tinker is kidnapped by the mercenary brothers Rough and Tumble and is taken a facility where he is strapped into an advanced device. Terrified, Mr. Tinker pleas to his captors and offers to build anything they need if they let him go. This behavior prompts Tumble to question if their captive really is Eggman, but then his employer Dr. Starline appears to confirm that it is him and expresses his own intention to return the Eggman Empire to it's former glory by restoring Eggman's lost memories. Their captive claims this to be is a mistake, saying he is Mr. Tinker and doesn’t want to be Dr. Eggman. Starline responds that Eggman would not want to be "Mr. Tinker" neither and says to think about Eggman Land as he lowers a visor to the handyman's eyes before inducing him with electric shocks. Later, following after Metal Sonic's defeat, Dr. Starline finishes the first part of his captive's treatment to help him regain his memories and asks him if he feels more like Dr. Eggman. However, even after three treatments, Mr. Tinker showed no knowledge about his former identity.

Starline theorises that some sort of emotional or mental trigger was needed, prompting Orbot and Cubot to try and make their boss remember but to no prevail (although questioned if they really want their old boss back). Suddenly Metal Sonic enters the facility in rough shape, which gives Mr. Tinker concern. He offers to help to the robot before memories of his time with Metal and his past life come flooding back to him. This finally reverts Mr. Tinker back into being Dr. Eggman again, although with no recollection of his more recent activities.


Despite turning back into Eggman, Mr. Tinker left behind a legacy in the form of Belle the Tinkerer, a robot made entirely out of wood that was built by the handyman to assist him.


  • The colors of Mr. Tinker's clothing are a reference to early concept art of Dr. Eggman when he was envisioned as possible protagonist for the SEGA Genesis game Sonic the Hedgehog.


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