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Hero Overview

Yeah they're a bit eccentric, but when you're us you're born us you don't exactly win many popularity contests. Do I wish people didn't see us as monsters? Sure I do. But these are the cards we've been dealt, so we might as well play 'em.
~ Mr. Wolf revealing his life he and his gang have been living with
You little pouchy-cheeked RAAAATTT!!!! I’LL KILL YOU!! YOU HEAR ME?!?!?
~ Mr. Wolf’s heroic breakdown when he tries to attack Professor Marmalade in a fit of rage after discovering his scheme only for Marmalade to open the door to feign innocence while being attacked by Wolf, exposing himself in front of everyone.
Hey, you! Get over here! A little bit closer…Oh, I know what it is. You’re afraid, cause I’m the uhh…the BIG BAD WOLF!! Well, I’m not surprised. I AM the villain of every story.
~ Mr. Wolf’s first fourth wall break in the opening to the audience.

Mr. Wolf is the main protagonist of the book series and in the DreamWorks animated movie, The Bad Guys.

He is a anthropomorphic wolf who worked as a former thief and criminal who, throughout the story, attempts to reform into a good guy and convince his gang/friends, the Bad Guys, to join in on his redemption, although their old, villainous habits prove to be hard to overcome.

In the movie, he is voiced by Academy Award-winner Sam Rockwell, who voiced Hickory in Trolls World Tour and the titular character in The One and Only Ivan.


In the books, Mr. Wolf is a scruffy wolf with large, round bloodshot eyes and wears a black leathery suit, with a black loose tie over a fresh white shirt.

In the movie, Mr. Wolf is a slim, tall grey wolf with dark red eyes with yellow sclera. He has thick black eyebrows, with the left one having a subtle notch. He's far more well-groomed and attractive than in the book's illustrations, as well as more elegant, as he wears a white tux suit and shirt.

During stealthy heists, he will put on a full-body, black latex suit that covers him up to the ears. In his first attempt to steal the Golden Dolphin, he disguises himself as a Mr. Poodleton and puts on sunglasses, thin fake mustaches and a white suit and fedora with a black shirt and a purple tie. While at the fundraiser Gala, he wears a dark blue suit with a white shirt and a large blue bow tie.

At some points during Marmalade's attempts at teaching the Bad Guys good behavior, Wolf is forced to wear a classic old woman costume and then a loose sheep onesie.


Since Mr. Wolf does not like being seen as a villain, he founded the Good Guys Club to try and do good deeds, despite his team's efforts usually backfiring in some way.. He doesn't like it when one of the other members of the Good Guys Club mess up his plans, like when Mr. Snake ate all the chickens from Sunnyside chicken farm. It has shown in later books that he likes to impress people.

In the film, he always tries to go for a suave, cool gangster attitude and is very laid-back and smooth-talking, even trying, at one point, to win back Diane Foxington's favor by "Clooneying" and seducing her, which she was having none of. In spite of his relaxed attitude and savoir-faire, he still has his instances of being somewhat clumsy and even stubborn, while still trying to come off as charming.

Due to the stigma of his kind being associated with the Big Bad Wolf, Mr. Wolf grew up believing his only option in life was villainy, an insecurity he hides deep down behind a nonchalant front, and learned to just enjoy life as a criminal, to the point where he'll intentionally sabotage some of his getaways because the police chase is his favorite part of any heist.

Even as a criminal, however, Wolf was always affable and friendly in his own way, even paying the restaurant he and Snake were at in the beginning, despite having no pragmatic reason to do so and always talking in a laid-back voice.

Since they are his only friends in a world where everyone fears him, he cares deeply for his gang, to the point of seeing them as family and never leaving any one of them behind, not even Snake, who he thought was a traitor. In particular, he is best friends with Mr. Snake, his childhood friend and peer in the book, while, in the movie, theirs is an intergenerational friendship. Wolf serves as a much more cheerful and optimistic foil to his cynical reptile friend and the two often share sarcastic banter.

Wolf is a brilliant strategist and, being as acquainted with them as he is, Wolf knows how to use each gang member's skills when planning his organized heists, with the gang successfully stealing innumerable treasures and money. However, he can sometimes be quick to anger or offense and he lets his ego get the best of him when Foxington insults him and his friends as sloppy, insecure criminals, which gets Wolf to try and steal the Golden Dolphin.

Throughout the film, however, he comes to realize that doing the right thing and being loved rather than feared makes him feel good, to the point where he'll start wagging his tail uncontrollably and his much softer side comes to light, such as when he saves a kitty from a tree with great gentleness and empathy and even adopts the kitten as a friend. By the end, he has becomes a truly selfless person, even taking the fall and turning himself in so that Foxington doesn't lose her position.

Initially, he and Diane Foxington couldn't stand each other, as she despised the Bad Guys for being sloppy criminals who enforce stereotypes she has tried to subvert for years, while the proud Wolf had a grudge towards the fox for insulting him and his gang and wanted to steal the Golden Dolphin in large part as spite towards her. After seeing that, like her, Wolf is insecure about the role society chose for him and wished he was good deep down, Diane, seeing her past self in him, came to trust Wolf much more, encouraging him to turn good. Throughout the fund-raiser gala and after, Wolf and Diane become more and more closer to each other, with Wolf even referring to her as "Diane" instead of "Foxington" like before and their chemistry soon becomes even romantic. By the end, Wolf and Diane are willing to sacrifice all they have for each other's sake.



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The Bad Guys (Film)

Having been born a wolf, an animal associated with the stereotype of the villain, Mr. Wolf, feeling forced by society to be just that, started a life as a criminal and formed a gang, the Bad Guys, along with fellow stereotypically evil animals: the cynical safe-cracker Mr. Snake, the cheerful master of disguise Mr. Shark, the psychotic thug Mr. Piranha and the brilliant hacker Mrs. Tarantula or "Webs". The five quickly became as close as a family, as they were one another's best friends in a prejudiced world, and the gang became public enemies number one, leading successful heist after successful heist, in spite of the Police's best attempts, especially in the case of the hot-headed Chief Luggings.

After the successful bank robbery, Mr. Wolf and his henchmen/friends return to their hideout, which is located in an abandoned building near a sewer pipe. When they arrive at the hideout, the criminals celebrate Wolf's best friend Mr. Snake’s birthday, to the latter's annoyance. Later, the Bad Guys see a report on television and, initially proud to get the attention, they soon get annoyed when Governor Diane Foxington demeans them as insecure, narcissistic, and sloppy.

Determined to prove their worth and go down in criminal history, Wolf convinces his gang to steal the never-stolen Golden Dolphin award right from under everyone's noses, including the award winner: philanthropist guinea pig Professor Marmalade. Using human disguises, the bad guys manage to infiltrate the party held at the museum and they split up to commit the crime of the century.

At the ceremony, Wolf, disguised as Mr. Poodleton, interacts with Foxington for the first time, as he needs a selfie with her so that he can bypass security with her eyes in the picture and the two bond by contemplating a seemingly shapeless sculpture that actually forms a swan when its shadow is seen at a certain angle, signifying that things and people need to be looked at from various points of view. Wolf has his selfie and sneakily steals Diane's ring.

While the wolf starts stealing some objects from the party guests, he accidentally ends up saving an old lady who was almost falling down the stairs and the woman then thanks Mr. Wolf for saving her and calls him a good boy. After the old lady left, the wolf's tail starts wagging and he has a strange feeling of happiness because, for the first time, he felt the warm feeling of having done a good deed and the real love that comes from it.

After the incident, Wolf, Piranha and Snake go after the Golden Dolphin that was kept in the backstage, while Webs sabotages the defense system and, after some misadventures, the Bad Guys finally get the Dolphin and are ready to leave the crime scene. But when they are already close to the exit, Wolf overhears Marmalade's speech on how good it feels to do good and, overwhelmed by his instinctive wagging at the thought, accidentally reveals their identities which ends up catching the attention of the cops.

After a humiliating attempt at escaping, the Bad Guys are arrested for attempted theft but before they are sent away to jail, the wolf convinces the governor to give him and his gang a chance to redeem themselves, pandering to a speech she had previously made on the good inside everyone. Initially doubtful, Diane accepts Mr. Wolf's proposal when Professor Marmalade vouches to redeem the Bad Guys and the gang are put under the rodent's guard, as he makes it his mission to turn them to good by the time he holds his fundraiser Gala.

Inside the police car the wolf explains to his friends that this was all part of his plan: they'd pretend to be nice guys so the police leave them alone, and they can carry on committing thefts. Wolf's teammates are delighted by his brilliant plot and prepare to start their training in "becoming good". The next day, the villains are taken to the Marmalade Mansion and there they get some lessons on how to be good, starting from sharing food, to helping an old lady (in this case, an annoyed Wolf dressed as one) cross the street and saving a kitten stuck on a tree. The five, however, are so used to their selfish, evil, threatening ways that they fail miserably in all the tests, much to Marmalade's annoyance.

Professor Marmalade then takes the Bad Guys to a testing lab to "heroically" kidnap thousands of guinea pigs, thus using their excellent thieving skills for a good cause. Forced to wear cute, embarrassing pajamas, the Bad Guys manage to infiltrate the lab to release the guinea pigs, but the plan ends up going awry when Snake eats half of them and the situation only got worse when the protesters saw the bad guys trying to get the guinea pigs out of the snake, thinking they were mistreating them.

Later that day, Diane Foxington hears of the disaster at the testing lab and decides to cancel the project and call the police to arrest the Bad Guys. Wolf tries to smooth things over with the Governor and is told off for his unwillingness to change his ways. Wolf finally, angrily voices some of his insecurities, as he doubts anyone would believe them even if they did change. Having now gained Diane's sympathy, she encourages him to become a good person so as to find a better life for himself and his friends, while also telling him they're not so different and showing it by stealing back her ring from under Wolf's nose.

Contemplating Diane's words, Wolf then goes back to Marmalade's garden and sees the kitten stuck on the same tree again. Wolfs climbs up the tree to attempt to save the cat a second time and, this time, approaches it much more gently, pets it into trusting him and successfully brings the kitten back down to safety. Unwittingly to him, Marmalade was hiding in the bushes and filming Wolf's first true good deed, which he then posts online.

After the video was released, everyone in town started to like the Bad Guys and now considers them heroes. Marmalade then tries to convince Mr. Wolf to ditch his old, self-absorbed friends and become a good person with a new, better life without them. That night the wolf, still cuddling with the kitten, starts to rethink what the world would be like if no one was afraid of him and his friends, but Snake is having none of Wolf's "impossible" hypothetics.

A few days later, the gang is invited to Marmalade's charity fundraising party and Mr. Wolf hatches a plan to steal the Golden Dolphin again. There, Wolf meets Foxington once again and, when Mr. Piraña starts the "Good Tonight" musical number so as to distract everyone from Snake trying to steal a code, Wolf and Diane start dancing together and have the time of their life, while the Bad Guys' performance gets the Gala to almost a billion dollars. The Bad Guys manage to implant some gadgets in the switches to make the lights turn off automatically, granting Wolf time to switch the Dolphin with a fake, but Mr. Wolf doesn't go through with it because he didn't want to be a bad guy anymore and was also starting to fall in love with Diane.

Suddenly, the lights go out anyway and the Love Meteor, the symbol of the city, has disappeared. Everyone blames the Bad Guys for the theft and, after he gives Diane the coordinates of their hideout in a last attempt at redemption, Wolf and his friends try to escape, but after an ill-thought out attempt from Piranha, they end up being arrested once again. Inside the police car, the Professor enters to talk to the Bad Guys, seemingly to talk some sense into them one last time, but the real bad guy is revealed: Marmalade confesses that he was the one who stole the meteor and that he was using Mr. Wolf the whole time (to the point where the old lady Wolf helped earlier was actually him in disguise). He set up Wolf and his friends to be a distraction and then humiliate themselves, thus taking the blame for his crime, and manipulating Wolf’s friends to turn on him (mostly Snake).

In a fit of rage after finding out he had been used, the wolf attacks Professor Marmalade for his lies and betrayal, but that's when Marmalade opens the door in front of the entire city, making them look even more evil and ferocious and faking that Wolf was attacking him for no reason. He and his companions are taken to jail outside the city, while Diane is confused by this entire, contradictory situation, especially after seeing that the coordinates Wolf gave him were true. Inside the jail, Mr. Wolf confesses that he's tired of people mistreating him and running away from him just because they think he's a monster and that he doesn't want to be a bad guy anymore, to his teammates bewilderment, especially Snake's. The reptile foolishly refuses redemption and gets into a heated argument with Wolf, who, utterly frustrated, even angrily yells at Snake for his stubbornness, and foolishly blaming him for their arrest leaving Mr. Snake completely heartbroken and speechless. But instead provoked, the two get into a fight, but this does not last long as a famous criminal, the Crimson Paw, manages to infiltrate the jail, take out all the nearby officers and release the Bad Guys, while also revealing herself to be Diane, who knows that Marmalade framed and lied to them.

Diane then takes the bad guys back to the mainland, planning to stop Marmalade, and Wolf decides to help her, but Snake and the rest of the gang reluctantly but selfishly abandon Mr. Wolf because after what happened at the dance and the prison, since they felt betrayed by him for his redemption. A devastated Wolf and Diane head to her house and into her secret lair to see the villainous guinea pig's plan: he will use the meteor's powerful wavelengths to brainwash all the guinea pigs the Bad Guys had released and use them to steal all the money the Gala had garnered. The two canines go to Marmalade's house to retrieve the meteor. Before doing so, Mr. Wolf pays a visit to the Bad Guys hideout, where Diane has taken away all their stolen loot, and leaves a single push-pop. While the others lament their losses, Snake cheers up Shark by giving him the push-pop, the first selfless act in his life. This convinces Piranha, Shark and Webs that redemption isn't that out of reach and they all feel the warmth of good, thinking that Wolf but Snake furiously refuses and leaves. Wolf and Diane both arrive at Marmalade’s manor but Wolf ends up falling into the Golden Dolphin trap which got them both captured, as Marmalade hangs them from the ceiling.

Mr. Wolf finds out that Mr. Snake now works for Professor Marmalade and the two villains leave to carry out their evil plan. With the help of Wolf’s friends, who now understand redemption as they make amends with him, Diane and Wolf manage to escape the mansion (but not before saving the kitten one last time) and manage to steal the meteor. The wolf's plan was to return the meteor to the police, but first they had to get Mr. Snake, even if he was a traitor. Marmalade betrays Snake and threatens to throw Snake off his helicopter if Mr. Wolf does not return the meteor, but when Wolf tries to ensure the Professor goes through with the deal, by using Diane's lipstick laser, threatening to cut the chain if he doesn't hand over Snake. But the rodent just kicks Snake off so he can take the meteor while the Bad Guys are busy saving him. Wolf leaps off the crater with his car and throws himself to save his best friend, and Snake makes amends with him, the two hugging each other mid-air. While everyone else in the gang is ready to die with each other, Wolf pulls out his grappling hook and saves all his friends from the fall.

Nevertheless, people still thoughtlessly believe the Bad Guys are still evil, but Diane tries to defend them and is even ready to reveal her secret identity. Wolf, however, decides to protect Foxington's political career and turns himself in, his teammates following suite. It looks like Marmalade, still believed to be a good guy that took the meteor back from the thieves, is getting off scot-free, but Snake reveals that he had a change of heart from the very start like the others all along and was never on Marmalade’s side. The snake tricked him into believing he’s still evil in order to get close to him. He actually switched the meteor with a lamp while leaving the real one at Marmalade’s mansion, referred to as "the ol’ switcheroo" and started overloading it, causing the meteor to explode and destroy the manor, while Diane uses a diamond she stole in her criminal career to frame the Professor as the Crimson Paw, making everyone see that Marmalade is the real criminal and fraud, leaving him with a tarnished reputation as he is arrested. As the group was sent to prison, Wolf reveals that he put the push pop in the fridge before their stolen items were taken to show that the gang had good in them and make them realize they should others, leaving the snake dumbfounded, speechless and mortified by his trick and the rest amused and delighted by the stunt.

A year later, Wolf and his gang were released from jail for good behavior and they return to town with the help of Diane Foxington (who is probably now a member of the newly reformed good guy team, or sponsor for the group) picking them up as they ride off in the distance back to the city to begin their new life as crime-fighting heroes.


Guys, we’re gonna go good!
~ Mr. Wolf convincing his friends to redeem themselves.
Gutless? I’M gutless?! Excuse me, have we met? I’m the VILLAIN of every story! Guilty until proven innocent! Even if by some MIRACLE we did change, who’s gonna believe us? Huh? Of course you wouldn’t know anything about that, with your little Miss Perfect power suits!
~ Mr. Wolf telling Diane that he despairs being hated for being a wolf.
Well, I’m tired of being an outcast. Maybe I don’t wanna be a-(Snake: What? A Bad Guy?!? Don’t wanna be a bad guy anymore, huh? Say it, Wolf! Yeah, I thought so…And us? Your lifelong friends? We’re just holding you back?) YEAH, MAYBE YOU ARE!!!
~ Wolf and Snake arguing in prison, thus Wolf’s second breakdown yelling into Snakes face wining the argument but breaks Snake’s heart.
What? I wanted a longer car chase. That’s the best part.
~ Mr. Wolf.
Hey, you! That’s right! Come here a little closer…I said CLOSER! Now that we’ve had some time to get acquainted…Not so scary now, aren’t we?
~ Mr. Wolf’s final fourth wall break to the audience at the end of the movie.


  • His first name is rumored to be Moe.
  • It is shown in the "The Bad Guys - Episode 3: The Furball Strikes Back" book and others that he has a crush on Agent Fox. In the movie, he is smitten with Diane Foxington, who is a governor and based on the character from the books.
  • According to his mugshot, he is 6'2′′ ft tall, weighs 163 pounds and was born on October 19th, 1991. If the film takes place in 2022, the year of release, that would make Wolf 31 years old.
  • In the books, Mr. Wolf is stated to live in the woods.
  • In the books, Mr. Wolf and Snake were childhood friends and grew up together, with Wolf having taught Snake how to be a villain, while in the movie, Wolf is 26 years younger than Snake, who was born in 1965.
  • The old lady costume he wears in the film when Marmalade tries to teach the Bad Guys how to help people is most likely a reference to the Big Bad Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood disguising himself as the protagonist's grandma.
  • The sheep onesie he was forced to wear in the film is most likely a reference to the phrase "a wolf in sheep's clothing". This is ironic, as the phrase refers to people who act kind and polite but are actually bad people, whereas Wolf is the opposite: a criminal with a hidden heart of gold.
  • He is the only member of the Bad Guys to be a mammal.
  • In the books, he liked to dress up as an old lady (a reference to Little Red Riding Hood), whereas in the film, he was forced to dress like one in one scene and is humiliated by it.
  • He was the third main protagonist in a Dreamworks film to be a canine after Gromit and Mr. Peabody. Of the three, he is the only one to be a wolf and not a dog.
  • Interestingly, both him and Foxington have a detail on their respective left eyebrow, as Wolf's has a notch while Diane's has a piercing. This could be a subtle hint at how the two are not so different.

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