Mrs. Claus or Mother Christmas is the wife to Christmas' famous mascot, Santa Claus. She generally acts as the primary caretaker of Santa's Workshop in the North Pole, often participating in jobs such as caring for the reindeer, or even making toys with the elves in order for Santa to be ready for his annual December 24th journey across the world to deliver toys and gifts to the good/nice children.

Mrs. Claus' first name largely a mystery, though Jessica, Mary, Layla, and Martha are the most referenced names.

Appearance and Personality

Mrs. Claus is often depicted as an elderly woman roughly the same age as her husband Santa Claus with a stout build and white hair. Compared to her husband who may or may not wear glasses, Mrs. Claus is almost always depicted wearing glasses. She is often depicted wearing a red fur dress similar to her husband.

Like her husband, Mrs. Claus is often depicted as a kind-hearted individual.


Mrs. Claus first "appeared" in the short story A Christmas Legend, in which she and her husband are given refuge in a charitable family's home where at night, they place several gifts in the home and then leave before the residents wake up. In the morning, the children in the home initially believe that the two mysterious visitors were Santa Claus and his wife, but actually the host's long lost daughter and her husband.

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

Jessica Claus

One of Mrs. Claus' most well-known depictions and origins comes from the classic 1970 Rankin/Bass holiday film Santa Claus is Comin to Town. Here she is presented as a strict, but also very beautiful schoolteacher named Miss Jessica. When she initially meets Santa Claus (then known as Kris Kringle), she believes him to be a criminal, delivering toys that were recently banned by a law created by the Burgermeister Meisterburger. However after Kris gives Jessica a china doll made just for her, she then begins to believe that the law is silly.

Afterwards, Miss Jessica begins helping deliver the toys to the kids in Sombertown, until the Burgermeister captures and arrests Kris and his friends. Realizing that she developed a crush on Kris, Jessica decides come up with a escape plan by using magic corn that makes reindeer fly.

Soon after the escape, Kris (now going by the name Santa Claus) and Jessica got married in the forest and the group travels north to the North Pole where they set up a new workshop.

Eventually, after the Burgermeister passes away, and the ban on toys is repealed, Jessica and her husband decide that he should limit his deliveries to one day a year. They choose to make the trip on the night of December 24th, and decision that they stay by and plan ahead for each year since then.

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