If what I think is happening is happening, it better not be.
~ Mrs. Fox suspicious of Mr. Fox's wild behavior.

Mrs. Felicity Fox is the deuteragonist of Fantastic Mr. Fox. She is the wife of Mr. Fox.

She is voiced by Meryl Streep.


Two years after giving up their fowl-stealing ways, Mr. Fox and Mrs. Fox are proud vulpine parents to Ash a brooding adolescent. Mr. Fox works as a columnist for the local paper and, ignoring the advice of his attorney, Badger moves his family out of their standard hole in the ground and into the base of a large tree that comes along with its own superintendent, Kylie the possum.

They're soon joined by Ash's cousin, Kristofferson, whose father is in the hospital, and Ash isn't happy about his own unfavorable comparisons to his relative. But there are bigger fish to fry in that Mr. Fox simply can't shake his animal instincts and the absolute joy he gets out of hunting fowl. Accordingly, he convinces Kylie and Kristofferson — rather than Ash — to join him in raiding the farms of three local human farmers, Walter Boggis, Nathan Bunce and Franklin Bean.

The latter produces strong alcoholic cider, employs Rat to protect his goods, and is decidedly less than pleased that Mr. Fox and his companions have raided his stash, a feeling shared by Mrs. Fox who isn't happy that her husband has returned to his old ways. While that creates strife between the couple, they, those in their home, Badger and other local animals must contend with Bean convincing his fellow farmers to stop at nothing to find and kill the animals who've wronged them.


  • In the book, she had four unnamed children; unlike the film, where she only has a son named "Ash" and a nephew named "Kristofferson".
  • In the film, Mrs. Fox makes promise her husband to not steal birds again when they were trapped and he raided Boggis, Bunce and Bean's farms behind her back. However, in the book, she was aware of him hunting the birds before his tail was shot off.


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