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Mrs. Jewls is the teacher of Wayside.

She was born and raised in the circus by her father, Papa Jewls. She is completely obnoxious and unfairly punishes Todd for the most ridiculous reasons, even punishing him for saving the class and her from the moving walls because he did so without a permission slip. When Mrs. Jewls walked in for the first time on the 30th floor, she thought the children were monkeys.

The rest of her students can't see her teaching method flaws and consider her the best teacher ever. She shows to become somewhat dim-witted at some episodes, while at other episodes to show tactical skills at a certain level. Despite a questionable and outstyled teaching skills, all the students in her class (even Todd) loves her. During her flashback while interviewing with Mr. Kidswatter, she looked like someone from the 1980s or 1990s.

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