Jumbo, Junior.
~ Mrs. Jumbo's only line in the movie to name Dumbo at first.

Mrs. Jumbo is the tritagonist from Disney's 1941 film Dumbo, a hexagonist of it's 2019 live-action remake and a minor character in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Disney's Villains Revenge and House Of Mouse

She is Dumbo's mother.

She is voiced by Verna Felton in the movie, but only one speaking line.



Mrs. Jumbo tries to receive one of the parachutes containing baby animals, but she didn't. During her birthday, Mr. Stork offers him a parachute with a baby elephant revealing to be Dumbo (called "Jumbo Junior"). After the parade, Mrs. Jumbo gets mad with Smitty (one of the brats who make fun of Dumbo). This causes the Ringmaster to get mad, sending his men to stop Mrs. Jumbo. As a failure, she angrily gets the Ringmaster to avoid getting caged. One of the circus keepers, sent by the ringmaster, chained her foot. The ringmaster tries to calm her down, but she refused to listen to him. The ringmaster puts her in a cage, and a sign marked "Mad elephant". Mrs. Jumbo cannot be freed until Dumbo becomes a circus star, according to what the Ringmaster said. After the act, Dumbo reunited with Mrs. Jumbo during the song ("Baby Mine"). But she wasn't free yet, so Dumbo started to do an amazing trick the audience never saw before: flying. After that, Mrs. Jumbo was freed by the Ringmaster. Outside the movie, Dumbo asks the Ringmaster to free his mother for being a circus star. The Ringmaster agrees to free her. Before the show is over, Dumbo flies to Mrs. Jumbo reunited happily.

Other media

Disney Villains' Revenge

Mrs. Jumbo makes her first game appearance, but is imprisoned in the Ringmaster's lair. Unlike in the film, she is voiced by Tress MacNeille. She talks to Jiminy Cricket why Dumbo is unable to fly right now for being in a falling act.

House of Mouse

Mrs. Jumbo has made numerous non-speaking cameos in House of Mouse.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Mrs. Jumbo makes a cameo appearance in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Voice Actors

  • Verna Felton (1941 film, short speaking role)
  • Tress MacNeille (Disney Villains' Revenge, makes a short speaking role)



Audio Samples


  • Mrs. Jumbo's full name is Ella Jumbo.
  • She only speaks one line in the entire film. She is silent in the rest of the film. This makes her similar to Sarafina from The Lion King, as Sarafina also speaks only one line in the film.
  • Verna Felton, her voice actress, also voiced the Elephant Matriarch. As Mrs. Jumbo speaks only one line in the film, Verna Felton mostly voiced the Elephant Matriarch.
  • Her eyes are blue, but when she goes "rogue" after the kids abuse Dumbo, her eyes are blood-red. In real-life, all elephants' eyes are brown, even when enraged.


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