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"Thank you. Bless you. Bless you, little bunny."
~ Mrs. Otterton thanking Judy for taking the case to help her find her missing husband.
"Take this. Find my Emmet. Bring him home to me and my babies, please?"
~ Mrs. Otterton encouraging Judy to find her husband.
" That's not my Emmitt."
~ Mrs. Otterton Heatbroken seeing her husband in a feral state.

Mrs. Otterton is an otter and supporting character from the 2016 Disney film Zootopia.

Mrs. Otterton is a desperate otter who turns to Officer Judy Hopps for help in solving her husband's mysterious disappearance.

She is voiced by Octavia Spencer, who also voiced Corey the Manticore from Onward.

Her real name is unknown.

Film Role

Mrs. Otterton first appears visiting the Zootopia Police Department headquarters, where she speaks with Officer Clawhauser, wishing to see Chief Bogo. Clawhauser tries to explain that she must wait to be called, like everyone else. Despite this, she manages to bypass Clawhauser, who tries to stop her, only to fail due to how slippery she is. Mrs. Otterton arrives at Bogo's office, while Bogo is in the midst of reprimanding new recruit Judy Hopps for her insubordination. Mrs. Otterton desperately begs Bogo to have someone help her find her husband, but Bogo already knows of the matter, as Mr. Otterton is one of the fourteen mammals gone missing. He asks Mrs. Otterton for her patience, assuring her that Mr. Otterton will be found in a matter of time, but just then, Judy volunteers, and Mrs. Otterton rushes over to hug her before Bogo asks her to wait outside the office. Just as Chief Bogo is to have Judy removed from the force, he spots Mrs. Otterton with Assistant Mayor Bellwether at his door, the latter having heard that Judy has taken the case. Reluctant, Bogo allows Judy only 48 hours to find Mr. Otterton or face expulsion.

Eventually, Mr. Otterton is found by Judy and con fox artist Nick Wildeat Cliffside Asylum (along with other citizens who had gone savage), but is in a feral state. After the asylum is raided and Otterton is moved to a hospital, Mrs. Otterton visits her husband, only to see that the Emmitt she knows to be lost, making her heartbroken.

After it is revealed that the cause of Mr. Otterton (and the other inflicted predators) going savage is from the Night Howlers that Bellwether had plotted to use in an elaborate plot to eliminate predators and Bellwether is arrested for her conspiracy, Mr. Otterton is given an antidote, curing him from the infection. Mrs. Otterton (having been reading a book while waiting for him to be cured) hugs her husband in relief and thanks Judy for her help.

During the end credits, Mr. and Mrs. Otterton are seen at a concert held by Gazelle, where they happily dance together.