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Mrs. Turner (née Vladislapov), more commonly known as Mom, is the mother of Timmy Turner and the wife of Mr. Turner. She is one of the major supporting characters of the animated TV series, The Fairly OddParents.

She is voiced by Susanne Blakeslee in the cartoon. She was portrayed by Teryl Rothery in the live action "Fairly Odd Movie".


Ms. Turner is the dim-witted mother of Timmy, as well as the wife of Mr. Turner. Her parents, Vlad and Gladys, are originally from a country called Ustinkistan. She and Mr. Turner have known each other since they were kids, but she originally dated his nemesis, Sheldon Dinkleberg, who broke up with her once he got rich. When Mom started crying, Dad wiped her tears with a mop and the two fell in love. Vicky was made Timmy's babysitter because Mom wanted to get out of the house a little more for vacation.


Mrs. Turner has brown hair, blue eyes, and is usually seen wearing a purple shirt with white pants and white high heels (she identical to her own mother, except she gets her brown hair from her father).



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