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Well class as my Big sister always says: Bus do your stuff!
~ Fiona Frizzle

Fiona Felicity Frizzle is Valerie Frizzle's younger sister and the class' new teacher. She borrows a lot of her big sister's catchphrases, including "Bus, do your stuff!", among many others. Similar to her sister, her skirt and necklace often change each episode based on the topic. As a parallel to her sister's "as I always say" catchphrase, she often quotes random relatives and friends of hers.


Ms. Frizzle is an optimistic and kind-hearted teacher who cares greatly for her students. She often takes them on special (and weird) field trips to show the meaning of any subject. Due to her quirky and enthusiastic nature, Ms. Frizzle rarely stops smiling and is almost always enthusiastic about something. Likewise, she is very dedicated to her job and can be a motherly figure to her students.


  • She is Voiced by Kate McKinnon.


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