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I melt for no one.
~ Miss Green

Ms. Green or Green is an M&M's character introduced in 1996. She is voiced by Cree Summer who also played the voice of Kida in Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Pilgrim in Kermit's Swamp Years, Cleo in Clifford the Big Red Dog, Penelope in Barbie as Rapunzel, Susie Carmichael in Rugrats, and Mandy and Zell in Bratz.


Ms. Green is round (as she is a Milk Chocolate M&M), like Red, Orange, and Ms. Brown, and she is (obviously) the color grass. She Wears white Gloves with cuffs on them, and white high heel Boots with a silver "M" on each of them. it is unknown if she wears green lipstick or if her lips are just green. She has Three long, black, eyelashes on each eye and she has thin black eyebrows like the rest of the M&Ms. She appears to be taller than Red and Orange, and her boots don't count because she can slay any day.


  • "Well, my new movie's opening, and no, Dennis I don't remove my shell. And you know about my book. It's changing lines."
  • "Heh, I don't do commercials."
  • "Hey, guys. I didn't know you've worked out."
  • "I don't know which one's the worst! Oh, thanks guys I needed that!"
  • "Men... Women... GO BUY A BAG."
  • "I'm naked!"
  • "It's okay, Darling."
  • "You just had a bad dream."
  • "Oh, please..."
  • "Whew! I am glad to be out of this boys club!"
  • "Baby, baby, calm down! I haven't seen your shell. But listen, what I am seeing is lookin' good. [giggles] You wanna share mine?"
  • "Boys, it's all about working the pose."
  • "Oh, come on, she'd eat you for dinner."
  • "Well, it's our job to change that."