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Carol Danvers is a minor heroine from Season 1 turned one of the main protagonists from Season 2 on TV Series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

She is voiced by Jennifer Hale.


Ms. Marvel appears in the third season of Avengers Assemble, Avengers: Ultron Revolution. In the series, she is a teenager who becomes a superhero after gaining powers from the Terrigen Mist. She and her partner, Inferno, help Captain America and Iron Man defeat Ghost, who tries to steal something from Avengers Tower. After the villain is defeated, Captain America tells the teens they may have what it takes to become Avengers one day.

She returns in the four-part "Civil War" episode, where she becomes a member of the Mighty Avengers after the original Avengers disband. She is forced to battle the original Avengers alongside her teammates due to the Inhuman Registration Act. At the close of the storyline, she and the others become official Avengers.


Although Kamala has the same superhero alias as Danvers previously did, her powers are not similar to the other hero. Kamala is a polymorph after being exposed to the Terrigen Mist, giving her the ability to stretch her body in almost any way imaginable. Kamala can also increase and decrease her size to both gigantic and tiny proportions. The limits of this ability have yet to be revealed, but she has grown large enough to handle a car and shrunk to the size of a cockroach.