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For this character's classic counterpart, see Muck.

Muck is one of the main characters of the 2015 children's show Bob the Builder and is one of Bob's machines. Like the UK and unlike the US, Muck is male in both English dubs. He is based on the same character in the 1999 television series. He is voiced by Paul Panting in the UK and Vincent Tong in the US.


Muck is portrayed as very dimwitted dump truck, who is a lot more unintelligent compared to his counterpart in the original show, often causing mistakes much like Scoop.

Despite this, he still likes getting dirty and mucky, hence his name.

He now has a phobia against dinosaurs, in a similar manner to his fear with getting dark in the original show.


Muck is red with an orange blade and dump bed. Muck's caterpillar tracks are black and Muck's hydraulic cylinders are silver, the most notable change from his original design is that he now has a regular mouth, as opposed to a grill mouth.


  • Whilst Muck was male in the UK version of the original show and was female in the US version of the original show, Muck is now male in both dubs of this show.