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When things get a little dirty, dive in!
~ MudBud's catchphrase

MudBud is one of the protagonists of the Air Buddies series. His favorite sport is volleyball.

Physical Appearance

Mudbud is a golden-furred male puppy, and is usually covered in mud. He wears a handkerchief as a collar, to compliment his adventurous personality.


MudBud is the filthiest of the Air Buddies, hence his name. He is also disgusting, adventurous, caring and brotherly. He has 3 brothers: B-Dawg, Budderball and Buddha and one sister named Rosebud. He dislikes baths and being clean. He always ends his sentences with "Dude" everytime he speaks. An adventurous golden retriever puppy, he and the rest of the Buddies often go on radical adventures together. He is also considerate about his brothers and sister.



  • To date, Snow Buddies is the only Air Buddies installment in which MudBud temporarily loses his dirtiness.
  • He is very similar to Ample Grime from Darkwing Duck in that they are both obsessed with filth, but unlike Ample Grime who is a villain, MudBud is a hero.
  • According to Buddha in Treasure Buddies, MudBud appears to have the spirit of his great-grandfather, Digger, inside him due to the fact that they both love dirt.
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