Chippy, we have a social obligation to the less fortunate. I know you laugh at my hobbies, but this is important to me!
~ Muffy to Chip about helping Z and Bala

Muffin "Muffy" is the late wife of Chip and a minor character from the 1998 film Antz. Generally, Muffy has one scene appearance and is notably a very minor character in the film.

She is voiced by Jane Curtin.

Muffy is seen only once when Z and Bala were in the picnic out of the anthill. She is seen alongside Chip until she got hit and killed by a flyswatter.

Chip became depressed by Muffy's death and turned to drinking to cope as when meeting Z again (after Bala is brought back to the colony by Colonel Cutter), he emerges from a bottle of scotch.


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