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Multiple Man is a mutant superhero from the Marvel Universe.


Born Jamie Madrox, Multiple Man's mutant power was clear since birth when the doctor slapped him, and created a second newborn. Turning to Professor X for help, Jamie's parents were advised to live in isolation, while his father made Jamie a special suit that could absorb kinetic energy. When Jamie was fifteen, his parents were killed in a tornado, and he was forced to tend the family farm with the help of his duplicates, until his suit was damaged.

Making his way to New York, Jamie got into a fight with the Fantastic Four until Xavier arrived on the scene and helped calm Jamie down, and took him to Muir Island, where his friend/former lover Moira MacTaggert took him in as her assistant. Years later, Jamie would become on the founding members of the second incarnation of X-Factor, and currently serves as the team leader.


  • Kineic Energy Level Based Duplication
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