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I'm Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, mutant-turned-private-detective. As a sideline, I send my dupes out into the world to learn things and then rejoin with me so their knowledge is mine. That way I can experience... well... everything.
~ Jamie Madrox introducing himself.
Bizarre. The more dupes I created, the more it "thinned out" Locke's control, until I finally broke free. And all these Hydra agents dead...because of me. Frightening. But the most frightening thing of all...is that I don't feel anything. No regret. no horror. No elation. Just... empty. And that's bad. Very... very... bad.
~ Multiple Man.

Multiple Man (real name James Arthur "Jamie" Madrox) is a fictional character and superhero from Marvel comics and its universe, appearing in the X-Men franchise and a major character in the X-Factor comics.

He is a changeling, predecessors to mutants, that can duplicate himself upon impact, and became an ally of the X-Men after being cured of his madness by Professor X. Though he declined two offers to join the X-Men, he would become a member later on, and has been a member of X-Corps, X-Factor, and X-Factor Investigations.

He was created by Len Wein, Chris Claremont and John Buscema, and first appeared in Giant Size Fantastic Four #4 in February of 1974-1975.



Born Jamie Madrox, Multiple Man's mutant power was clear since birth when the doctor slapped him, and created a second newborn. Turning to Professor X for help, Jamie's parents were advised to live in isolation, while his father made Jamie a special suit that could absorb kinetic energy. When Jamie was fifteen, his parents were killed in a tornado, and he was forced to tend the family farm with the help of his duplicates, until his suit was damaged.

Making his way to New York, Jamie got into a fight with the Fantastic Four until Xavier arrived on the scene and helped calm Jamie down, and took him to Muir Island, where his friend/former lover Moira MacTaggert took him in as her assistant. Years later, Jamie would become on the founding members of the second incarnation of X-Factor, and currently serves as the team leader.


Early Life

James Arthur "Jamie" Madrox was born in Los Alamos, New Mexico to doctors Daniel and Joan Madrox, and his mutant genes were promiment upon his birth. Due to his power to duplicate, the Madrox's were told by Professor Charles Xavier to move to a farm in Kansas to prevent Jamie's gifts from being known to the public. His parents would develop a suit for him to wear that deactivated his power, but Jamie's abilities were noticed by Damian Tryp, who attempted to look over Madrox after he claimed that the child wasn't a mutant, but a chanegeling. Though the Madrox's refused to hand him over, Tryp managed to manipulate Jamie's memories after he killed his parents, leaving Madrox to not know why he had to wear a special suit.

Becoming a Hero

Madrox spent six years maintaing his family's farm while he started to go insane from isolation, and after his suit malfunctioned, he started to travel to New York. In the city, Jamie battled the Fantastic Four until Professor X arrived, and helped Mr. Fantastic repair his suit and regain his sanity. Afterward, Madrox was offered a chance to join the X-Men, but declined and became an assistant to Dr. Moira MacTaggert. While assisting Moira, Madrox was faced by Proteus, who had managed to possess one of Jamie's duplicates to escape from Muir Island. During the fight against the villain, Jamie lost the duplicate, which was the first time he felt the psychic backlash from losing one. Additionally, Madrox's duplicates started to become self-reliant without him, with one dating Siryn ad another wanting to live his own life form the original.

The original Madrox would be drugged and kept on Muir Island by the duplicate, whom would go on to become a member of the Fallen Angels with Siryn. Jamie was then possessed by the Shadow King when the villain took over the island, but he was later freed and stop his duplicate from helping Mr. Sinister's plans. Following the Shadow King's defeat, Madrox joined the X-Factor, and later assisted the X-Men in trying to stop the mutant Cable and his team X-Force. He would briefly leave X-Factor to become a secret agent for the government, as many X-Men members thought he had died after one of his duplicates was infected with the legacy virus. He later rejoined the team before it was disbanded, and started to work in Genosha to monitor Magneto's rise. Madrox would then become a member of X-Corps when he was recruited by Banshee, but left the team after the death of Darkstar.


  • Kineic Energy Level Based Duplication



  • In X-Men: The Last Stand, he was portrayed by Eric Dane.


  • In X-Men: Evolution, he was voiced by David A. Kaye.
  • In Wolverine and the X-Men, he was voiced by Crispin Freeman.

Video Games

  • In X-Men Legends, he was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, he was voiced by Wally Wingert.
  • In Marvel Heroes, he was voiced by Rick Pasqualone.


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