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Murasaki (紫) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series, who makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus. She's a 2nd year at Hebijō Clandestine Girls' Academy, and Imu's younger sister.

She lacks social skills, and prefers to spend her time in her room with her teddy bear Bebeby (Bebe-tan in Japanese). Despite easily becoming one of Hebijō's elite, she never attends school, and is the most dangerous of the shinobi in its history.


Murasaki has ankle-length, violet hair, with a black ribbon placed just above her bangs, which cast a heavy shadow over her eyes, causing them to be devoid of shine, appearing darker than usual, and often lend her a sad demeanor overall. She wears a long, black dress with gray trimmings, and has a prominent bust.


She is normally very soft-spoken and pacifistic, however, the Root of Calamity can cause that to change when she's frightened or angered.

When under the influence of the Root of Calamity, her personality briefly changes significantly. She begins talking in a much lower voice, and makes an active attempt to kill the target of her anger, often screaming loudly in the process.

Notably, Murasaki has a fairly cynical outlook on life. She considers the idea of friendship to be a lie, and rejects the notion that having people counting on you can make one stronger. In her own words, she believes people to be lonely creatures by nature. She frequently assumes the worst intent in people, and was honestly surprised that people from such different worlds as Yomi and Ikaruga could become friends. Her cynical outlook is reflected in her preference in media, with her favorite story being full of dark themes such as murder, depression and drug abuse.

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