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Murray Monster is a Sesame Street monster who hosted two regular segments, "The Word of the Day" and "Murray Has a Little Lamb."

An energetic monster, his early talk spots with kids in Season 36 often discussed the importance of exercise and healthy habits with young visitors. Scripts for these segments refer to the character simply as "Orange Monster." The puppet was referred to on the set as "FilFil," as his design is based on that of Filfil from Alam Simsim.


Murray is a fluffy orange monster with a round, oversized jaw who rose to fame by hosting a variety of recurring segments; namely Word on the Street and Murray Has a Little Lamb. These are unique in that they're kept separate from the regular Sesame Street scenes by being set in the "real world" where Murray has largely unscripted scenes interacting with "normal" people, with his Spanish-speaking lamb Ovejita.