Muta (also know as "Moon" in Whisper of The Heart) is the tritagonist of the 2002 Studio Ghibli film, The Cat Returns. He is a big, fat white cat, whom Haru Yoshioka finds at the crossroads, and who shows her to the Cat Bureau. He is frenemies with the stone statue Toto. He is a big fat cat (prompting Haru to call him "fatso"), and he complains a lot, but has a golden heart. He is known to be unable to resist catnip jelly. Muta is later revealed to be known as "Renaldo Moon", as he later threatens to eat the Cat King's castle. Eventually, he is later seen in the real world, just waking up from his nap in the same chair Haru found him in earlier when she accidentally sat on him.

He is voiced by Tetsu Watanabe in the Japanese dub, and by the late Peter Boyle in the English dub.


Brash and grumpy, Muta is known for his unchecked sense of sarcasm and condescension towards people and his other companions, and for his huge appetite. This accounted for his chagrined relationship with Toto, but he has a mutual dislike with, though they wouldn't hesitate to team up and work together when the need arises. In spite of his seeming indifference, he did eventually warm up to Haru, whom he praised for standing up for herself and later aided in her escape from the Cat Realm.


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