Muzet is a hidden major antagonist in Tales of Xillia and becomes a supporting character in its sequel. She is Milla Maxwell's older sister.

She is voiced by Asami Sanada in the Japanese version and Jessica Strauss in the English version.

Tales of Xillia

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Tales of Xillia 2

At the beginning, Muzet appeared at the Feronde Research Center in Elympos and mentioned that she had been searching for Millia. Later, Muzet accompanied Ludger and the group, as well as having him pay for the napples that she stole earlier. At Marksburg Harbor, the group had a rough fight with Chonos and learned the truth on getting to the Land of Cannan. At the Spirius Coroporation Building, she, Ludger, Gaius, and Jude had to escape after learning that Basley kidnapped Elle in order to beat Chronos. Eventually, after Julius' sacriface, the group made their way to the Land of Cannan, which was full of misasma.

In her side-quest chapters, she, Ludger, and Gaius helped Nigel with his experiment that would let humans listen to spirits. When Ludger volunteers to put it on, he immediately hears her "Inner-Muzet" (which are her inner thoughts and emotions) and reacts terribly. Ludger was told he couldn't take it off or that he'd die trying. Later, Muzet decides to try and really be friends with everyone, by making them wierd gifts made out of feathers from Bermia Gorge. When that didn't seem to work, Muzet decided to take extreme measures and create a monster that everyone would fight in order for her to bond with them. During the battle, Giaus was first to find out about it. After the fight, everyone acted dissapointed in her, but Ludger pointed out that she just wanted to spend time with them and that she was given a warning. This time, Ludger was easily able to take off the bracelet without worrying about dying (and her "Inner-Muzet"), but saw a scary glowing face on Muzet instead.

Personality and Appearance

In the first game, Muzet was at first presented was a sweet and caring woman. But, it turned out that she had been hiding her true nature as a mean and wrathful opportunist that hardly knew how to think for herself. In the sequel, she really did turn nice and caring for real, but this time, Muzet became more of the femme fatale type that is obsessed with "Direct-Tethering".

As for her appearance, Muzet has long green hair, green eyes, six wings, white-heels, and a tight white and light-blue uniform. In the sequel, her attire was no-sleeved and dark-blue.

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