Vox, what's wrong with you?
~ Mya asking Vox a question about his problem

Mya de Zya is one of the supporting protagonists (as well as former villains) of the FreeFonix TV series.

She is voiced by Susan Zelouf.


She acts as manager for the band Mantyz and is the CEO of the ComaCo record company.

She was the former manager of the prepsie band BCD. Her nephew is called Nerdry but she can't stand him calling her "Auntie". She plans to rule the world without Vox and vice versa. She dreams of creating a Prepsie theme park and call it Prepsieland and her worst fear is losing her company and all of her creddies. She travels in a large hov-limo.

She speaks with a Russian accent and is very vain, enjoying having her likeness carved out of various different precious materials such as crystal. She also goes in for a lot of cosmetic surgery like having her "eyebrows refitted".

In the episode "Yule Spend" she teamed up with the holographic FreeFonix to prevent her worst nightmare from coming true in the future.

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